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Personal Training

Personal Training with VERED

One of my favourite things to do is work one on one with someone to help them achieve their desired goals!

Professional athletes have long used personal trainers to increase their performance in competition. Movie stars are known to hire a personal trainer to keep them fitting into their Oscar gowns(trust me they don't look like that all year round :)) But the people who benefit most from personal training are people like us. Woman who are seeking to function better in their everyday lives. Women who want to live long, healthy, happy lives with their families, who are wanting to look and feel good and age gracefully and beautifully!

 So, whether you want to lose weight, regain flexibility,do a complete make over, develop speed or simply feel good again, personal training withVered is a decision that you will continue to reap benefits from for years to come.

If your goal is to be able to touch your toes or run a marathon, personal training gives you a chance to work at your own level one on one.

You will prevent injuries and have a tailored made program designed to your schedule and lifestyle needs.

You will develop knowledge and confidence about how your body works.


This is your time, so any questions you have on health or fitness will be addressed.

Your level of education is also one of the biggest benefits I believe you will receive from working one on one with me.

One of the best things about personal training is accountability.

When you know you have someone working with you week to week, session to session, your chances of sticking to your fitness & health routine are doubled literally! .

We are just built like that when we have a coach, things are that much more motivating and fun!