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Be Pain Free

Posture Therapy with VERED

This is truly the love of my life!

I personally use, as well as teach, Egoscue™ Posture Alignment Therapy.  And I love it!


This type of pain relief therapy takes you back to the fundamental understanding and belief that your body is truly able to return to excellent health with the proper attention and education, no matter what your pain is!


Egoscue™ is all about your education and that is one of the biggest reasons why I love it so much. Besides the pain relief my clients have received from it, the fact that it is so much more affordable than going to a therapist for years and years for temporary relief just makes sense!


When was the last time you went to therapy and came out feeling empowered about your body and knowing how and why you have pain, and having solutions for you to do without your therapist? Well that is what Egoscue™ does.

Egoscue™ Posture Alignment Therapy is a program that is natural, makes sense, and gets results. Egoscue™ puts you back in the driver's seat of your health with a series of gentle corrective exercises, called e-cises, tailored exclusively for you. This custom therapeutic approach brings your posture back into balance, thus returning your body to proper function. You can expect to feel better, have less or no pain, restore your physical self-confidence, increase your daily energy and just feel good again!

Whether you feel off balance when you are walking or have pain Egoscue™ Posture Alignment Therapy can help you relieve your pain. Besides relieving your pain, you will also see yourself get straighter from session to session because I will take pictures of you and show you your changes.

Take a look in the mirror. Do your shoulder slump forward? Does one or both feet point outwards or inwards? Try standing with your heels and head against a wall. is this comfortable? Do your head, shoulders hips naturally stay straight in line or do you feel off balance? Hmmm this great insight into why you may be experiencing pain.

As we slowly deviate from good form, very often we begin to experience pain. Returning to this form will be one of the best things you have ever experienced in your body. I guarantee that!


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"Vered m'a élaboré un traitement personnalisé et simple à comprendre: les résultats n’ont pas tardé à se faire sentir : élimination des douleurs

en quelques semaines et surtout beaucoup plus d’énergie pour faire mes entraînements!"


Courir sans douleur: la course à pied ne se fait pas sans technique. Le programme de posture de Vered ? Fini les blessures, meilleure posture permettant d’améliorer mes performances athlétiques de façon remarquable! Je dirais même de façon inespérée. C’est d’ailleurs ce qui m’a permis de battre tous mes temps établis précédemment. Les améliorations continuent et se font voir de plus en plus.


Are you running into PAIN?

Discover a PAIN FREE life with Postural Alignment Therapy… with Vered.

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" Before I began doing these posture stretches I had hip and knee pain when I ran but I loved it so much I didn't want to stop!

Then I met Vered and she suggested I try a very simple daily stretch.

After one month of doing these posture alignment stretches, I shaved 6 minutes off my time in my half marathon!

I have no pain and I felt no hip or knee pain or tightness during my race!"