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Nutrition with VERED

Ahhhhhh, now THIS is my all time favourite topic!

I'm a proud food lover and admit it freely. I remember my dad going from market to market to find the best produce,  coming home hours later to my mother's disapproval of how long he took! LOL… but boy oh boy do I appreciate that search for quality today!


There is nothing I can compare with the innate pleasure I get from walking through a market smelling all the  luscious scents of  freshly picked veggies, fruits, home made breads and other delicacies!

I know most women struggle tremendously with this topic, and having been there I so want to help educate you on how food is really wonderful. And how you can get back to not being afraid of it. Instead, enjoying all of it's pleasures and nutritional benefits!


I believe in the simple, non complicated style of eating and preparing food in our very busy lives. Let me share with you how you can fit in the most nutrition in little time, never be on a diet again, feel energized and watch the pounds melt away!