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Zumba Fitness® is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, and contagious steps to form a "fitness-party" that is downright addictive. Since its inception in 2001, the Zumba program has grown to become the world's largest – and most successful  dance-fitness program with more than 14 million people of all shapes, sizes and ages, taking weekly Zumba classes in over 140,000 locations across more than 150 countries...





One of my favourite things to do is work one on one with someone to help them achieve their desired goals!

Professional athletes have long used personal trainers to increase their performance in competition. Movie stars are known to hire a personal trainer to keep them fitting into their Oscar gowns (trust me they don't look like that all year round :) )...

Personal Training



Ahhhhhh, now THIS is my all time favourite topic!

I'm a proud food lover and admit it freely. I remember my dad going from market to market to find the best produce,  coming home hours later to my mother's disapproval of how long he took! LOL… but boy oh boy do I appreciate that search for quality today!


There is nothing I can compare with the innate pleasure I get from walking through a market...




Do you Love Being a Woman?

I do, (well most of the time ;).


The “Renaissance of the Goddess” workshop will teach you how to move your body in feminine, erotic & sexy ways, that will not only empower and excite you, but will have you giggling with the girls!...

FM (Feminine Movement)



This is truly the love of my life!

I personally use, as well as teach, Egoscue™ Posture Alignment Therapy.  And I love it!


This type of pain relief therapy takes you back to the fundamental understanding and belief that your body is truly able to return to excellent health with the proper attention and education, no matter what your pain is...

Live Pain Free


Vered's Tips


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Our Greatest Strength

Are you familiar with the expression: "Our greatest strength is our greatest weakness?”

I think sometimes it can be to our benefit and sometimes to our deepest detriment...

It’s been like that for me in my life. I know, me? How could that be??? Hahaha!

We all have issues right? The old wounds, the pressed buttons. I may have one or two... You know, like the ones that resurfaced with our fam over the holidays? There’s evidence of them in the way we think, act, and live.

Insecurities are built from the inside-out and outside-in; false beliefs, pain, pleasure, our own interpretations, the adopted interpretations of others, and unfortunately, trauma and abuse. While my fundamental belief is that they are there for our own good, the other day while talking to my Wifey (gf for 30 yrs), I realized just how continuously we feed them.


For those of you who don't know this about me.... I come from a dance background, where my belief about my body was that it was never good enough. Sad right? As a dancer I abused my body with every possible diet, from starvation, to what people call cleanses, constant criticism, imagining operations, poor self-talk, infinite dissatisfaction, insane working out etc. This also led to an insatiable quest to learn about my body, how it functioned, moved, and could perform at optimal levels. There's always a flip side if you look. Can you see it?

This insecurity and hate/love relationship with my body aided in me becoming a dance instructor, managing studios, training teachers, owning a fitness centre/losing a fitness centre (a story for another time), seeking out & learning from the best coaches, studying to be a health coach, studying mental health, becoming a posture alignment therapist, becoming a nutritional consultant, and now, creating & teaching programs that are all about shifting our emotions through motion. Hey maybe this wound isn’t so bad (we foolishly begin thinking). I even developed the kind of discipline that I could starve for days & sometimes weeks! Obviously that good/bad scale often tips :(

Today what I’m inviting you to do is take some time to think about your insecurities. What are yours? When does your skin crawl? What is it about you that is never good enough? Write it down. Sorry this may hurt. If nothing is coming to mind, take a look at something you really love doing, or spend a ton of time perfecting, though we all know it's our “cray cray" thing. Studies show that this usually is the same thing we’re highly insecure about. There may be a button there or even a wound. 🙏💗 Keep digging with me... breathe🙏 What was the trigger? When did that belief begin? How? Are you aware? I'm inviting you to gently and lovingly take a look in. Perhaps you can do it with someone you love and trust.

So you ask: “Why Vered? Why stir the sh***? I’m good like this.” For one, I truly want to become my best self and live to my highest potential, especially on inside-out things, and second, because I truly believe it’s part of our path to healing our souls. The way I see it, most of us come into this gorgeous life with wounded souls needing healing, though there are the few rare ones that come in all good. You’re blessed if you know someone like that. I do, and I thank Gd she’s my sister.

I clearly remember my “you’re too fat” moment. I was auditioning for the part of Annie in The Wiz at the dance studio. I must have been 11 or 12. I didn't get the role. I felt crushed. A long, lanky, non-ethnic girl got it. I had a meeting with my teacher disputing this BS (haha) and she told me there were a lot of lifts in one scene of The Wiz, and I was not the one best suited for it. At 12 I had a butt and had sprouted some boobs already. So instead I got the "Poppy Queen," a very seductive a highly feminine role. Perhaps the teacher knew best ;) Who knows? Either way, my wound was created ever so deep, and the story went on and on for years.

Thankfully, decades ago I chose to begin to heal this wound and end all my crazy (not that it doesn’t surface once in a while when I put my bikini on). I began a different affair with my body, flushing old beliefs, and creating new ones. Professionally, I’ve created nutritional transformation programs, and try to live by a method of teaching fitness that is about LOVING and APPRECIATING our bodies where they are, yet always challenging them. Today I acknowledge my body's strengths and weaknesses in a healthier way and pass this message on, with a higher purpose driving it.

Nobody should live in a body they don't love, appreciate, and challenge, no matter what size, age, or level of ability. My purpose is so much greater than ever, because this problem is so much more relevant today. Being liked, taking selfies, and being acknowledged by the outside world is way too high on our priority lists.

At this time of the year I love reflecting, and looking forward, and I’m welcoming you to come along with me on this journey. Grab a glass or bottle of wine and do this, alone or with a friend. I prefer doing it with people I love.

So here’s the wrap-up for 2017. Drum roll please!

Step 1:

Take out a piece of paper and create 5 columns across the top.

Family/ Relationships



Personal Growth and Hobbies


List out what you have input into each of these categories in 2017 and then for 2018, project what you would like to input. Don't be conservative. Dream your wildest dream, ask your craziest ask, from whatever you believe in... for me it's Gd. Start by thinking, "If I could achieve everything I have always wanted in this world with no chance of failure, what would I dream?” Now write it all down! Write for at least 15 min.

Step 2:

Number everything in your categories from the lowest hanging fruit to the highest reach possible. What can you start on today? That’s your #1.

Step 3

Create mini plans. Who can help you? What are your available resources? What habits or rituals do you need to commit to DAILY to achieve your goals? Consistency is key, not intensity. Crash diet or lifelong way of eating? The latter is my belief. By when can you estimate fulfilling these goals? The clearer you are in laying out these constraints, the more likely you are to achieve.

This is your GPS of 2018. This is what will keep you fulfilled along the way...

So let’s take a look back together, appreciate, learn, and then let go of anything that may be holding us back. Together, let’s make 2018 the time we “werk” our plans with a mind clear as water, a heart filled with passion, faith and belief in what is possible in our lives.

Thank you for getting me through the hardest year of my life. You are all a part of where I am today, and I thank and appreciate each and every one of you in my life ❤️ I dedicate my growth in 2018 to my beloved beautiful angelic sister in the sky Caroline Sarah Belafi Haiun 💕

Much love,



Carrie On!

Hello again Beauties,

I can’t begin to express how much I’ve missed you all. Thank Gd my writing bug is slowly coming back.

As some of you may know, the reason for my solitude and time needed away was due to losing my sister in law over a year ago. My heart broke and so did our family’s lives. I experienced pain like never before and writing just didn’t come to me anymore. I wasn’t sure it ever would, to be honest.

It’s incredible the thoughts that we can have and believe in dark times. Here’s a tip: Don’t Believe Them! I hope you will allow me to step back into your lives as my passion resurfaces. As always, my intention continues to be to share my knowledge, experiences, and thoughts. Whether it be with tips on healing with my Posture Alignment Therapy, or sharing and unraveling emotional, mental and spiritual pains, my goal is still to contribute to the best of my abilities, so that we can all live our lives to our highest potential.

Recently I’ve been working on a few projects that I’m soooo excited about.

First thing is a school program to help children and adults with emotional challenges like anxiety, stress, or panic attacks, through language and movement. Over the past year and a half I have had some very up-close experiences with this topic myself (more to come on that). As my lovely sister/friend Andreea and I were doing stairs we brainstormed what I feel is the perfect name for this program:

Shifting Emotion Through Motion.

This program was created years and years ago, but it was lacking the heart and soul. Thankfully, my journey through darkness infused this program with exactly that! As my heart has begun healing, I have found the energy to give back to life in a way that moves me beyond words. My family and friends have come together as a team to honor Caroline’s life and memory.

We will be running a half-marathon in January to benefit the incredible organization Chai Lifeline, this organization helps sick children and their families all over the world.

My brother named our team “Carrie On".  Who else but the man who shared a soul with Caroline to find the perfect name.

This will be the most meaningful thing I have done in my life to date ❤️🙏💜Caroline always believed in going the distance for the greater good, no matter what the effort or cost. My hope is to honour her beautiful soul and life in some way.

My sisters Zahava, Andreea, and Esther will be part of that team, and if there is anyone else out there who would like to join us, please contact me.

I will be donating my time and knowledge in Bootcamps, Zumba classes, posture therapy, injury prevention, and group trainings, to the Montreal Lifeline team. Anyone can join, even without running the race. I'm elevated and filled with appreciation and purpose as I envision the LOVE that will be shared over the next few months building up to the race, and I thank Gd that today I have the courage and ability to fulfill this. You will find a link below if you'd like to check it out, and donate, if you are so inclined.


One more very exciting project that I feel blessed to be a part of is the creation of:  “KZee with V”  hahaha!

This is a Zumba class that women and their girls can attend without having to worry about over-the-top lyrics. I love the idea that more people will be able to experience the thrill of moving their bodies to awesome beats! I love inclusion.

Sorry, I know this was long and I will try to keep my writing a bit shorter. I realize all you gorgeous women are always runnnnning!!!

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend.

PS: I’m looking forward to stepping back onto that roller coaster ride with you again.

PPS: I’ve learned that sometimes the ride can take a sharp right, a left, then drop into no-man’s-land, and yet it can lead us to a place of renewed hope, love, and understanding of our at-times baffling human experience.

Much Love Always,


Sleep Talk...

Hello Beauties,


Today I’m talking about something that I have to admit that I LOVE!


Who feels me here?

I know that we often laugh/complain about hardly getting enough sleep and actually, most of us are getting less than 6 hours a night. :( Problem is, studies show that walking around in a lack of sleep state is pretty much like walking around drunk!

Let me ask you a couple of questions.

Do you wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to go, or do you wake up still feeling tired?

Do you struggle to fall asleep?

If you answered yes to any of these questions please read on.


The National Sleep Foundation has determined exactly how many hours of sleep we need each night.

I can hear a lot of you moms out there with young children laughing and wishing you and your children slept this much as you review the list below.


Newborns 0-3 months …10-18 hours a day

Babies 4-11 months…  9-12 hours and take 30 minute or more naps. This usually lasts until age 1.

Toddlers age 1-2 yrs… 11-14 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period.

Preschoolers 3-5 yrs… 11-13 hours a night and most don’t nap after 5 years old.

Children 6-13 yrs … 9-11 hrs of sleep

Teenagers 14-17 … 8-10 hrs of sleep

Young Adults 18-25 …7-9 hrs of sleep

Adults 26-64 … 7-9 hrs of sleep

Older Adults 65+… 7-8 hrs of sleep


I know that not everyone fits into the perfect stat but it’s great to know on average if we are somewhere in the ball park of what is best for our health.

Here are a few reasons why we need sufficient sleep and what we can do to improve our sleep.


Brain Fog?

1. A lack of sleep can harm our brain. It slows it down, it makes it harder to concentrate, we have a harder time problem solving and some studies even show that we behave almost in the same way as a drunk person does when we are sleep deprived.

I know that I have felt that way when I've been burning the candle at both ends.

It also affects our memory. During the day we learn new things and it's at night during our sleep when our memory processes and retains this new info.

Also, hold on to your seats for this one...when we sleep our brain takes the time to flush itself clean of toxins that build up during the day. To put it simply, the "glymphatic system" is like our brain’s very own drainage system/garbage disposal. It was recently discovered that it’s 10 times more active while we sleep, meaning that if we don’t get enough good quality sleep, we can be clogging up our brains with toxins.


Sleeping Beauties ;)

2. There’s a very good reason why they call it “Beauty Sleep”.

Sleep deprivation can accelerate the aging of our skin. Yikes!

Yep, those late nights watching Netflix can lead to increased fine lines, saggy and drooping skin and uneven skin tone.

Our skin repairs itself overnight.  So, it’s important to get the highest quality of sleep for a good 8 hours because our body secretes growth hormones during sleep to repair and build body tissues like skin, muscle and bone. By the way, no moisturizer can outweigh that!


Stressed out?

3. It’s quite obvious that a lack of sleep triggers stress and anxiety. When we can’t sleep we stress about not sleeping, tossing and turning looking at the clock, hoping and waiting to just fall asleep, right?

Researchers at Berkeley found that when we sleep less we can actually fire up the regions of the brain that increase feelings of anxiety. If you have ever felt anxious you know that’s not something you want to trigger daily!


Immune System

4. When we sleep, our body produces infection-fighting antibodies and cells.

These cells fight off bacteria and viruses but a lack of sleep can mean that our system doesn’t have a chance to strengthen its defences, leaving us more vulnerable to getting sick.


So what to do about all of this?

Solution Time

1. Obviously getting to bed earlier is a great idea.

Most of us have fallen into a type of thinking that says go go go, an “anti-sleep” lifestyle, then we walk around all day dragging our butts, or “caffeinating up”.

It just doesn’t make sense!

For those of you who have children, it’s so much easier to get their sleeping habits forming earlier on but no matter what, it’s never too late to make changes for any of us.


2. Create a dark sleeping environment.

Turn off all lights, shut the blinds, and try to keep your room as dark as possible when you are going to bed.

Sunlight is detected by cells in the retina of our eye which sends messages to our brain that keeps us in our 24 hour patterns.

You see, as it begins to get darker, a hormone (Melatonin) begins to increase as our temperature falls.

Both of these conditions make us less alert and we become sleepy zzzz…

When morning light comes in, our Melatonin levels are lower and our body’s temperature begins to rise. Incoming light or artificial light will send wake up messages to our brain and can suppress the production of Melatonin and make it harder for us to fall asleep.


3. Gadget off. I’m not sure if that’s said but it is now :)

For the same reason I explained above, electronics have been shown to disrupt our sleep.

The light which is given off by computers, cell phones, energy-efficient bulbs, has been shown to delay the release of melatonin. Consider keeping electronics out of the bedroom if you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep. It can take some time for your body to unwind from technology’s alerting effects. So try winding down by reading a book or listening to relaxing soft music.


4. Scents and sounds. If you have a hard time falling asleep, try dabbing some essential oils like lavender oil, chamomile or ylang ylang onto your pillow case or just rub a bit in your hands and inhale it once you are in bed. These scents can create a spa like feeling.

If you are sleeping with someone who snores and it prevents you from falling asleep I suggest that you invest in a pair of ear plugs to block out the noise, especially if total silence is what you need to sleep.


5. Last but definitely not least, try ending your evening with a mental gratitude list rather than your to-do-list for the next day. Keep your to-do-list for earlier in the day when it won’t interfere with your sleepy time. If we go through our to-do-list right before bed this can excite us and can start us thinking about solutions for every problem in the world lol.

Instead, going to sleep thinking of what we are grateful for can help us to sooth our central nervous system and lead to a better quality of sleep.


I hope these tips help you to get better zzz’s, wishing you all sweet dreams for the week ahead!


Love, Health and Happiness,


Inching Your Way Back

Hello Beauties!

This week I noticed the buzz about "back to school time" was on.

Parents are starting to run around looking for clothes, school supplies and everything else that comes along with this time of year.

That doesn’t mean the good weather is over right?

Naaah, we very often have beautiful Septembers and Octobers but I have to say

hearing people shopping for Xmas already is a bit (ok a lot) disturbing.  :(

Please let’s not go there yet, ok?

Today, I thought I could share a few things that could make back to school time an easier transition.

Also, even if it’s not back to school at your place, most of us shift into a different gear in the summer so I hope these tips will help you as well.


Bring back the routine

Very often once we welcome in summer, we simultaneously throw out most of our daily routines.

Whether we are 5 or 50 years old, or anything in between that, routine is so important for our overall health and well being.

Routines outline the small decisions that have to be made daily so that we have space to think about the other important things that happen during our day.

We reduce our stress when we don’t have to create each day from scratch.

Interestingly, there was a study done on meal time and children with asthma.

 Those who had a regular meal time improved there lung function just by taking the worry out of, “when are we eating?”

They had less anxiety which helped with breathing which then helped with better lung function.

Also, other research showed that teens who had regular family dinner time had less substance abuse, performed better in school and had overall better health and psychological well-being, not to mention the benefits of more family togetherness.

I don’t have to look further than myself than to know that when I have my daily routine of sleeping a certain amount of hours, eating at regular times, doing my posture and exercise routines, I am a calmer and happier person.

So how do we get back to our routines after all the late nights, extra ice cream and thrown off meal times?


1. Start now! Each night start bringing yourself or your children (or both if it applies) back to bed an hour earlier.

Trying to go from sleeping and waking up whenever we like to an alarm at 6:30am may work for some but most of us would do better with inching our way back.

That means shutting down electrical devices even earlier to allow our brain to relax and unwind from all technology so that we can all get a more restful sleep.


2. Try eating with your children at the same times they would on school days.

Lunch and dinner are the easiest to start with.

Also, start adding foods that help with concentration like more fish, avocados, eggs, vegetables, and start cutting back on the summer sweets.

Not only do they give us all foggy brain, they also bring us up then down and we all know that for children (and their teachers lol) going back to school on a sugar high or low isn’t a good thing.

Also, start preparing lunch ideas ahead like you would do if they were already in school.

For those of you who are working and have been eating out more than usual, do the same thing. Prepare larger dinners and pack your leftovers for your next day’s lunch and again try eating it at the same time daily.


3. Set up your families' activity schedule (if you haven’t already) and don’t forget to include yourself in there!

When is gym, hockey, dance, zumba, gymnastics, karate?

Block those times out so you can visualize what the weeks will look like come Fall.

Again, this all helps with reducing stress come September and will aid in making your transition that much smoother.


4. Last but not least, while you are setting up your routines try to stay flexible.

It may sound like I’m contradicting myself but making sure that our routines allow for some flexibility allows for a higher probability of keeping to our routines .

In other words, if bed time is 9pm and you are in bed by 9:15 or if you wanted to go for a daily walk and you missed one day during the week, it’s ok. No need to beat yourself up, it’s still fantastic!

If we are too rigid with setting up our routines and feel we are unsuccessful we are more likely to give up on them.

So remember, this exercise of bringing yourself and your family back on track and back to your routines is to help reduce your stress level.

If we begin panicking and communicating this to our loved ones (or even just ourselves) it’s kind of like shooting yourself in the foot.

Instead, lets be gentle and easy on ourselves while making this transition into “back to school season” as smoothly as possible.


I look forward to seeing everyone back in our “classroom” again sooner than later!!


Much Love, Health and Happiness Always,


Barbie has a leg to stand on

Hello Beauties :)

It seems like we are on the cusp of a new era.

Did you hear? Barbie is getting some ankle joints and will be wearing flats after 56 years!

Can you imagine she’s 56 and her heels have never touched the ground?

Problem is, since she’s worn heels for decades parts of her body have changed shape.

You see Barbie, now your calf muscles are shorter and tighter and your achilles tendon is thicker :(

(Btw Barbie, I know you’re not to blame, your manager had no understanding of anatomy.)

But before you go for a barefoot run on Malibu Beach you may want to try a few stretches.

Actually, even if you try wearing a very low heel before you go completely flat you will feel a great stretch and that may be all your body can handle right now since you are coming down from your sparkly fancy stilettos. :)


A while back I wrote about how even the smallest of heels on our shoes or your children’s shoes can shift their little bodies forward effecting their postural integrity. How their muscles will work (or won’t) and how they move overall. I know it’s only August but if you are already shopping for back to school shoes remember that a soft ,thin, flexible sole is best for their developing feet. It will allow their foot muscles to do their job and develop which consequently allow other muscles to grow and develop in their bodies.


Also, recently in the news there was a woman with a “skinny jean injury”.

A 35 year old woman was hospitalized for 4 days after experiencing muscle damage, swelling and nerve blockage in her legs after having helped a friend move while wearing tight fitting jeans.

She actually had to have her jeans cut off. Her legs were so numb and weak that she collapsed outside before even getting to the hospital.

Now you may not wear skinny jeans, but how many of you wear spanx or tight underwear or anything that is considered a compressive garment? Remember that the insides of our bodies only have so much space to put stuff into. So, if we squish our bellies into our spines (or even suck it in on a regular basis) it can result in poor digestion, create heartburn and/or breathing difficulties. It affects the way we move, sit and stand and can create circulation problems and lymphatic congestion all the while squeezing our intestines up towards our diaphragms.


While the thought of someone having to stay in the hospital as a result of wearing tight pants doesn’t make me happy but perhaps it’s an opportunity to open up the the conversation not only about how we move in our environment but also how our environment moves us.


Imagine the possibilities when they give Barbie some knees!!


Have a great week ahead Beauties!


Wishing you all Love, Health and Happiness Always,


3 Fat Loss Tips... WithVered

Hello Beauties!


Every week I try to think back on who or what stood out most to me and draw inspiration for my tip from there. This week it seemed to be that the topic of weight loss (it must be those rising temps!) was centre stage. So, even though I know I have written about this many times I thought I would share a few tips that I’m sure will help those of you who choose to implement them.



So here’s one of the questions I always ask when someone is looking to get healthier and/or leaner. “How much water do you drink daily?”

If you are an average sized adult and exercise 2 to 3 times a week I suggest you drink between 2-3 litres of water daily (btw even if you don’t exercise, still drink!)

Now you may be asking why? Why is water important for fat loss?

Well for one, it’s obvious that if we are drinking more water during the day we will be feeling more full, right? Well that in itself will help with overeating and potential mindless snacking.

Another reason for drinking more, as odd as this may sound, is that drinking more water will help you with water retention. When the body isn’t receiving enough water, it will hold on to it for survival which may make us feel and look bloated and like we are retaining water. Once our body begins to receive more water, it will begin to let go of the “water weight” it’s been holding onto.

Let me be clear, there is no magic in water for weight or fat loss but very often we confuse being thirsty for being hungry and you can test that theory yourself. When you feel hungry for a snack, try a glass of water and wait 15-30 minutes. Notice if the “snackie” feeling goes away.

There are also countless other benefits to drinking water like preventing headaches, having better bowel movements, better circulation, improving focus during the day, and staying hydrated does definitely help with preventing overeating! If you want to know if you are drinking enough water, check out the color of your urine, it should be a light yellow or clear (unless you are taking some type of supplement).



My second question is usually, “Do you skip breakfast or any other meals during your day?”

I’m sure you have heard this many times before but skipping meals will only have your body hold on to fat in the same way it holds onto the water (as I explained above). It’s simply a matter of survival and it’s a built in mechanism that our bodies have. In other words, if you don’t feed your body regularly (breakfast, lunch and dinner) it’s rate at which it drops fat will slow down and then when you do eat it will be functioning at a slower pace which can lead to weight gain.

So even if you can only have one egg for breakfast, go for it, just don’t skip your meal and please don’t have a “breakfast cookie or croissant”. Try to get in some nuts or eggs or veggies or optimally all three!



The last thing I will leave you with is a simple question you can ask yourself. “How many more salads or vegetables can I add to my day?” Here are a few reasons why our veggies are so important for weight loss. For one, they help us feel fuller longer because they are water and fibrous filled. Again feeling fuller for longer will evidently help us with fat loss.

Very often when we want to lose weight we think we have to eat less. While that may be true for cutting down on pastas, pizzas and sweets it’s quite the opposite for vegetables. In other words, the amount we eat doesn’t have to change as much as what we choose to eat does.

Try adding a large salad to both your lunch and dinner and don’t hesitate to also add some oven roasted veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, brussel sprouts and any other of your favourite veggies. Add spices and a bit of olive oil to them and enjoy generous amounts with your meal. If we are trying to drop a few inches it’s important not to feel deprived or like we are starving ourselves because the efforts we are making will inevitably be short lived and binges will be around the corner. So packing on the veggies gives both our tummies and minds a satiated feeling which will help with long term fat loss and maintaining a healthy waist size.

By the way, vegetables are high in antioxidants and nutrient rich and many studies show how they can help lower risks of many diseases. So eat your veggies like your mamma told you!


Of course these aren’t the only things we can try to help with fat loss but even incorporating these 3 will be a great start.

So today I invite you to try these 3 tips for just a week and see how you feel. Notice your energy levels and any other positive changes that occur and then of course I would love to hear back from you!


I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!

Love, Health and Happiness Always,


The Resilients

Hello Beauties, I hope you are all enjoying summer so far!


A couple of weeks ago one of my clients referred a friend of theirs to me who had been living with extreme pain for years.

The ever famous sciatica pain was shooting right up her leg all the way into her back.

If you aren’t familiar with what this pain feels like, lucky you!

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and when it’s irritated and inflamed it can knock you down hard!

Some people can’t even walk from this type of pain.

Actually, she limped into my clinic when I first met her.  :(

I’m happy to say she now walks without a limp and today she’s feeling so much better (after diligently following my prescribed posture program) and yes, once again I will say that correcting your posture and your body’s position is such a wonderful way and key in relieving pain.

That being said, it’s not what I wanted to talk about with you today.

Rather today, I want to share and acknowledge her willingness and her courage to keep trying to help herself.

She even had a few grave accidents that had left one side of her body practically immobile many years ago.

The awesome thing is she sought out help then as well and through different types of therapies she regained total mobility again.

She told me she had tried every type of therapy for her sciatica pain and while I know that can be exhausting and confusing physically and emotionally, it’s also incredibly inspiring to see someone who is facing huge challenges and isn’t willing to throw in the towel and say,“this is it, I’m just going to have to live like this.”


I have been blessed to meet quite a few people like this in my life and have even become friends with them.

So today I want to share with you what I’ve noticed that these types of people have in common.

These people who aren’t willing to give up, the ones who are resilient, you know those people who bounce back from setbacks effortlessly (seems like it but obviously isn’t)?

Well, after speaking to a few I know and after having done some digging here’s what I found.

Btw, it’s pretty crazy because while writing this today I spoke to someone who experienced 8 concussions, survived 2 suicide attempts and a had bout with cancer and still came out on the other side and today he is running his own small business, is in a loving relationship and very grateful for life. (OMG...I KNOW)!

I asked him if he thought he was just naturally resilient and he said, “no, life taught me to be”.

Whether its nurture or nature, to me it’s very insightful and uplifting and I hope it will be for you as well.


So here are a few things we can all aspire to learn from these people who personally, I think are day to day hero’s.


1) The first thing that stands out to me in the “Resilients” (we will call them that for this blog) is that very often they are wanting and willing to share their stories.

Even their most uncomfortable ones and probably what most of us would consider very embarrassing or shaming ones.

They are ok with !*&#*ing up, being human and showing there humanness.

They are real, they don’t pretend to be perfect and they don’t classify their mess-ups or their challenges as them being a “mess up or failure”. They learn from them, grow and share that growing experience with others.

Very often, when they share it with others they will even add some humour to their stories!


2) Another fantastic thing about them is they don’t act like the “Lone Ranger”.

They reach out for help and support from their friends and family.

They use that love and strength to help get them through their most difficult times.

It’s so true that when we are going through stressful times that even just speaking about it to a loved one can help alleviate so much of our stress and even more wonderfully can help strengthen those relationships.

I know it has been that way for me in my life and even though reaching out isn’t always comfortable or easy on the ego, it’s always heart warming and helpful.


3) Another thing they have in common is that they are mostly positive.

They are very mindful of their thoughts.

Getting through any challenge is obviously not easy but I’m sure we can all agree that being pessimistic about it will only make things harder. Resilients seem to buckle up their seat belts and say, “I can get through this ride!”

Now don’t get me wrong on this one, they know that the negative exists, they see it and try to stay clear of it or allow it to pass them by. They focus on what’s right in their lives and give it strength.

They know when their thinking is not working for them, they try to adjust it.

They stick to facts and usually face problems head on.

What’s even more admirable is they believe that attached to every difficulty is an even bigger transformation! How cool is that?


4) This is another thing that I really love about the “Resilients” (this is starting to sound like a really good movie title)…they don’t freak out or get frightened by uncomfortable thoughts or not having all the answers.

They don’t let not knowing how to do something stop them from doing it.

They believe they can and will figure it out along the way. It reminds me of the expression, “we will build the bridge when we need to cross it”. They don’t need to control every move in their lives.

They are good at going with the flow.

They seem to have incredible faith and an inner knowing that they have tapped into that undeniably helps them overcome their hardships!


I think this quote below depicts some of the wonderful “Resilients” that I have met in my life.

Thank you for the inspiration! I hope you all know who you are!!


I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

Infinite Love, Health, Happiness and Resilience!


Father's Day Dedication

Hello Beauties!


So with Father’s Day around the corner most of us are starting to think about where can we go for a nice family meal together or what kind of meaningful gift we can give to our dads to show our love this year.

It’s true that Father’s Day comes around only once a year and yes, most of us will agree that it’s just as important to show our love the rest of the year as well but none the less, I still think it’s fun that we can make them feel a little extra special on that day, don’t you?


Bear with me while I create a little “DAD” dedication, perhaps you will share in my sentiments…


D- The level of Devotion and Dependability you have shown me and everyone in our family is beyond amazing. You are there in the best of times, always willing to lend a helping hand, give advice (whether we want it or not lol), and open your heart in the worst of times too.


A- Who else out there feels like this needs to be said more often, “you are so Appreciated!” From car breakdowns to relationship breakups you have seen it all. I love you so much and I can’t say thank you enough for everything you have done, and still do to show your love.


D- Ok so this D doesn’t apply to me so much because I have never called my dad “dad” :))

It’s been mostly “Da or Abba (dad in hebrew)” but I thought I would put out a few more D words that I feel would describe my dad and many other fathers that I know out there.

To all the darling, determined, daring, driven, discipling, dear to our hearts fathers…

We know your job isn’t an easy one, and while so many of you make it look like it is, today we honour you in the hopes that you will feel how much your love means to us and how important you are in all of our lives.


So I was thinking, how about changing things up a bit this year?

When was the last time you went for a walk with your dad?

Maybe he isn’t so active, so going for a jog wouldn’t be appropriated but a short walk in the sun could be great for everyone involved.

How about playing some ball with him?

Or does he like golfing?

Maybe a match is out of the question but hitting a bucket of balls could be fun?

I know I’m not a golfer but have enjoyed that!


Actually, if you are in Montreal and you and your and dad are are up to it, there is a fun family race going on that day as well, check it out!


For those of you who will be honouring your dads through prayer and the spiritual world, may you be filled with knowing that when your dad first lay eyes on you he loved you more than anything on this earth and may that love fill your hearts and comfort you.


However you will be honouring your father, I hope it’s filled with love.

Remember your dad was once a little boy as well, he wasn’t always the “all knowing” dad hahaha.

I always think of that when I look to buy pistachio ice cream for my dad.

It’s his favourite!


Have a beautiful week ahead!

Love, Health and Happiness Always,


4 Tips to Help Relieve Allergies...

Hello Beauties!

Did anyone else notice all that white stuff floating in the air this week?

It’s actually quite pretty. If it doesn’t make you sneeze like crazy or if you aren’t someone suffering form allergy symptoms, that is.

If you are, this tip is for you!

Today I wanted to share a few tips on how you can reduce your symptoms and reduce the amount of tissue you will be needing to stuff into your purses or pockets during this season;)


Have you ever wondered why your nose is like an open faucet when you have allergies?

Let me give you a small description of what is going on in the body.

An allergic reaction happens when your immune system overreacts to an unfamiliar substance know as allergens.

Allergy sufferers tend to have sensitive immune systems which overreact to things like pollen, dust, fur, feathers and mold.

An allergic person’s body mistakenly releases histamine to fight off the intruding particles.

The abundance of histamine circulating through the body then signals the mucus membranes to produce all the unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms that come with allergies like sneezing, runny noses and eyes and itchiness,


So you can either be on antihistamines all season long that may leave you feeling drowsy or attempt a few alternative suggestions that I will share with you today. There are so many out there, I chose the ones that I commonly suggest to my clients and consistently receive positive feedback and great results from.

Basically the goal of any method you choose is to help the body stop it’s abnormal response by preventing the overproduction and release of histamines.


1) ACV

Users of Apple Cider Vinegar brag about it’s tremendous positive effects on reducing their allergy symptoms from pets, to food, and especially from seasonal allergies (ps: it’s also been said that it helps break down fat and gives our skin a nice glow).

It’s key though is to purchase the unpasteurized, unfiltered, unrefined type.

There will be a cloudy brownish apple fibre settlement in the bottle (i know sounds a bit gross).

This is the nutrient filled active ingredient in the ACV and that will be your visual proof it’s in there and it’s called “The Mother”.


The dosage can vary from 1-3 shots (teaspoons) a day before meals.

You can take it straight up or mix it in with water if you don’t like the taste (most people don’t brag about the taste btw).


2) Reduce your refined sugar and wheat consumption. Actually attempt to completely eliminate them if you are an extreme allergy sufferer.

I know many of you are rolling your eyes thinking, “Again? Wheat and sugar are the culprits??”

Well truth is, refined sugars or carbohydrates (usually wheat baked goods) with a “high glycemic value” can create the same reaction in the body as what the immune system detects as an allergen.

There is an inflammatory response (hence the bloating we feel when we eat them).

There is also an increase in mucus and very often a suppressing of the immune system.

If you refuse to give up your cookies completely but you are an allergy sufferer I suggest you try it for this allergy season and see how you feel!

That may be all the proof you ever need.


3) Notice your head position throughout your day.

If you are bent over your computer all day, most likely your head will be in a very forward position not allowing for the proper flow through the nasal passages.

Also, you can try sitting back with your ears in line with your shoulders or try lining up with a wall a few times a day.

Heels, buttocks and head lined up against a wall for 2-3 minutes and take a few deep breaths during that time.

Also, if you use a few pillows while sleeping you are again creating a forward head position.

So attempt to slowly remove a pillow week to week, weaning you from the habit until you can lay flat on your back when going to sleep.


4) Lastly, many people love the Neti Pot.

A very easy recipe is used here. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of sea salt into boiling water and then let it cool off.

Once cooled, pour it into one nostril and let it drain out the other.

Using this method can help with flushing the sinuses of allergens and potential irritations.


I hope these suggestions help you or anyone you know suffering from allergies.

Try them out and please let me know how you are feeling, I would love your feedback!


Have a great week ahead!

I will see you on the dance floor!


Love, Health, and Happiness,


More Summer Tips

Hello Beauties and thanks for all the great feedback from last week’s tip!

It’s always nice to hear that you find them helpful.

Today I’ll continue on with a few more summer tips and share an easy-to-make treat recipe.


So, summer schedule is on and everyone is usually getting up and out a bit later than usual.

Here’s the million dollar question, “does that mean we skip breakfast or lunch?”

I know that you know that the answer is NO. :)

Very often when our schedule changes it’s easy to begin to skip meals and unfortunately that is one of the quickest ways to slow down our body’s engine.

In other words, if our body thinks it’s not gong to get any food for more than approximately 4 hours, it begins holding onto it to make sure we survive. Problem is, if we keep slowing down our engine by skipping meals, when we DO eat, it won’t work at the same speed that it’s supposed to.


1) Let’s make a virtual deal, that we will try not to skip meals this summer. It doesn’t have to be a huge gourmet meal, but we all have a few minutes for a couple of eggs in the morning and some nuts, even as we are getting dressed or some leftovers for a quick lunch on those rushed days. This is a perfect way to prevent overeating at our last meal of the day. We all know that when we skip a meal we are hungrier on the next one and mentally we think we should make up for what we missed and usually overeat on our last meal of the day.


2) Remember to drink, and no I’m not talking Sangria ;)

Water, water, water! You can throw some mint, orange slices, lime/lemon or ginger into it if you like (avoid the chemical packages).

What’s most important is that you stay hydrated as the weather gets warmer.

Air conditioning can dry our skin and nasal passages and one thing that can definitely help with that is drinking enough water.

If you want your children to enjoy drinking water start them early.

Buy them a fun bottle they will enjoy drinking out of and again avoid all the bright coloured drinks.


3) One thing’s for sure, we all love ice cream and frozen treats during the hot summery months so how about another virtual handshake? Let’s say we walk or bike over to the ice cream shop when we are planning on having some?

Avoid buying tubs/bars of ice cream and keeping it in your fridge.

Try making it an outing and include in some movement/exercise as often as possible.


4) Some of you asked for more easy-to-make recipes so here’s another fun treat you can make at home that is loaded with nutrients!


2/3 cup almonds/cashews (or nut of your choice) soaked in boiling water for 15 mins then dried with paper towel

1/3 cup cocoa powder

1 cup (approx 5-6) soft Medjool dates (soaked for 10 mins in boiling water then drained and dried)

1 teaspoon Vanilla extract (optional)

1-4 Teaspoons Maple Syrup (to taste)


In a food processor blend nuts and cocoa until mixture resembles fine crumbs (approx 15 seconds).

Add dates, vanilla extract and enough maple syrup for mixture to form a mound. If it’s too sticky or sweet you can adjust by adding more cocoa powder.

Roll mixture into 1 inch balls and refrigerate. Enjoy!


5) So how about your sleep schedule over the summer?

I know it’s summer and everyone wants to stay up later and later but try to resist the urge as often as possible.

We all need our sleep to function well and maintain good moods.

That goes for your children as well. If you don’t want to deal with emotional wrecks over the summer I suggest that you all maintain a daily schedule even if it’s a bit later.

Choose a bedtime and keep to it daily. Don’t let it fluctuate all over the map.


6) The last thing I want to leave you with is a cool tip that one of my clients shared with me.

This one is for those of you who have a hard time breathing while exercising during the summer (because of asthma or any other respiratory challenges).

She told me that she dabs a little bit of peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil on the back of her neck and sometimes on her temples. It can help cool you down and help with opening up nasal passages on those hot and humid days.

It would be pretty funny if all of a sudden my class smelled like a mint candy hahaha!


Have a wonderful week ahead!

I hope you get out into the sun, I know it gets a bad a wrap but like anything, moderation is key.

It can be very beneficial and after being so Vitamin D deficient all winter long…it’s a good thing!


Much Love, Health and Happiness,


Summer tips

Hello Beauties!


I think one of the great things that comes along with summer are all the outdoor sports children start participating in. The only down side is whether it’s soccer, baseball, football or any other evening activity your children are involved in, this tends to create some havoc when added to the packed schedules most families already have.

School is still on and juggling homework, meals, bed time and activities can be quite a bit more stressful at this time for many of you.

I thought I would give you a few tips today on how to keep that stress to a minimum, so that instead, you can enjoy watching your little ones run around.

By the way, even if you don’t have little ones these tips can still be useful for summertime outdoor activities.


1) Get creative with your dinner meal time. It may not be at home and that’s ok.

If you know you will be out later than usual, how about having a picnic in the park before the game? Home made chicken skewers or filets can be eaten cold or room temperature. Throw in a fruit and some sliced up vegetables and Voila! These are all foods that are easy on the go and still nutritious. NB: If they are playing right after their dinner, split their meal into 2 portions, half before game time and part following, so they don’t cramp up on the field.

Btw for those of you packing Powerade and Gatorade drinks in your children's sports bags or your own, there is no need. Studies have shown that even Olympic level athletes don’t need to replace electrolytes while training.

The body has a huge store of them and a few lengths run up and down a field will not deplete them.

So skip the sugared, colourful water and pack an ice filled water bottle!


2) Always pack some food for your children in the car if you are picking them up from school and dashing to a park. Nuts, veggies, fruit, a smoothie, a wrap stuffed with some egg salad or tuna salad or once in a while some cold cuts.

Remember, this is a vulnerable time for both you and your children.

They are starved and you are stressed and it’s so easy to just hit a drive-thru resto.

Problem with that habit is that I can guarantee (along with the added stress you are feeling) you will also be adding on some unwanted weight.  :(


3) Usually, running around on a field will poop most kids out, but if you find your child/children are wired after their activity, try running a warm bath for them before bed.

You may want to jump in with them btw ;)

You can add some calming Lavender Oil or Epsom salts to it, or both.

Along with other essential oils, these have been found to create a drowsiness effect.

Of course It’s normal to want to have your children in bed at their regular bedtime (you know it puts them in a better mood the following day and gives you some quiet time) but when that doesn’t happen because of something so beneficial like team sports, cut yourself some slack. Take advantage of being outdoors, maybe even walk around the field a few times and get in some movement too!


4) This is a tip whether you have younger or older children.

When school lets out there is more action at home, friends come over more often and there ALWAYS seems to be a need for MORE food.

So, if you don’t have the time to be cooking all day nor do you don’t want to be, preparation is KEY. When you make your BBQ dinners, throw on extra burgers, steaks, veggies, chicken and pack them into your fridge.

Have some easy to use salads in tupperware in the fridge like tuna salad or egg salad.

Make your dinners larger so you always have leftovers whether it’s BBQ or not.

Show your children how to make quick snacks with the leftovers.

A snack doesn’t have to be in bag and crunchy. It can be a piece of steak with veggies in a wrap.

Very often parents will say, “don’t eat that now, you will spoil your appetite for dinner” but actually they are better off eating when they are hungry and eating a bit less at dinner.

Actually, we all are. :)


5) One last fun tip! If you are looking for a fun and quick summer dessert recipe everyone can enjoy, try keeping frozen bananas and other fruits in your freezer for whenever you would like to whip up a quick and easy-to-make ice cream.

Just blend some frozen fruit (always use some banana as a base, I find it gives the right texture) with about 3-5 tablespoons of your choice of milk (almond, coconut or dairy) and then top it off with some chopped nuts, and for those of you who need a bit more sweetness added to their dessert you can sprinkle some chocolate chips overtop!


Let me know how these tips work out for you and if you have any quick and easy to make summer recipes. Please share them with me and I will be sure to pass them along here.


Have a fantastic week ahead everyone!

Luv, Health and Happiness Always,



Hello Beauties, I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weekend!


This week as I celebrated with one of my clients her success following her completion of my Beautiful Body Program,

(101/2 inches lost, newfound confidence in balancing her meals and an understanding of how to incorporate treats in once in a while without feeling awful) it got me to thinking about what was the most important part of her journey (or for any of us for that matter) when we want to make changes.

What part of making positive changes do you think really matters most?

Making changes consist of many components… commitment and accountability (perhaps publicly or to a coach), motivation, education, guidance and support, logging progress, developing a positive attitude and exercise (are you thinking I just stick that in everywhere? lol).

Actually no, it’s because when we exercise we feel good and when we feel good we have more confidence which leads to more success with positive changes!


While all of the above listed things are so important, there is yet another thing that I believe is PIVOTAL to the “positive change process” and it’s the first decision to LEAP!

That potentially scary leap of faith into the unknown of something new, or sometimes the even scarier leap into the experienced arena of repeated disappointment.

In other words, we may have tried to achieve success in this area already and it didn’t work out as we expected (echemm).

We may even have felt like a total failure!

Yet, we still decide to try again, “leap”.

I’m sure everyone can relate to this. Have you ever joined a gym and didn’t land up going only to join up again the following year?

Or have you ever attempted to eat better to improve your health and/or to drop a few inches and not achieved the success you were hoping for? But does that mean we should never try exercising again or resign to having horrible eating habits? Obviously NOT!

That’s where the LEAP process happens.

Something inside of us says, “yes, I’m ready to try again. I think I can do it better this time.

Maybe this time it will be different and I kind of believe in myself (it’s normal to feel hesitant and slightly unsure)”.

Taking a LEAP requires a mindset and I thought it could be fun to look at it like this.


L- Learning

We learn something from the previous attempts we make.

We don’t consider those experiences as losses. We begin to understand that each endeavor leads us to the next one. Kind of like finding the combination to a lock. With each turn to the left and right, left and right, we finally crack the code. This way of thinking allows us to remain hopeful and inevitably try again. This goes for everything in life not only exercise and food. Imagine if after one heartbreak we decided never to believe in love again? How sad would that be? Or a child learning to walk, they fall thousands of times but we still keep teaching them and they keep trying, right?

I think we have a built in “try again” mechanism that is always there for us to tap into when we want to and interestingly, many people express how satisfying succeeding is especially after trying so many times!


E- Endurance

This is the part where we take another leap because we are seeking long term benefits. We may have tried short cuts before (a few sprints so to say).  We see a potentially different future, one that excites us and inspires us again longterm and so we dig into our energy stores which we have built up over the years. We want to try again and it may require either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual endurance, or all of the above.


A- Action

We have a vision or a plan of action. It doesn’t have to be extremely detailed as long as we know where we are heading. We are ready to seek out advice or guidance, and perhaps in ways that we haven’t before. We are willing to take action to achieve our desired outcome and even though it may seem like we have a big hill to climb, we are well equipped and ready for the adventure!


P- Perfection

We drop the idea of perfect like a hot potato! If our expectations are set on perfection we will undoubtedly come up short and rarely “leap”. I don’t think that people who constantly “leap” are perfectionists. Perhaps they are more forgiving with themselves and have realistic expectations (not perfectionist ones) that prevents them from beating themselves up and maybe that’s what allows them to try, try again. I think this a beautiful attitude.


So, is there something you have been wanting to attempt again that you may need to take another little leap of faith into?

Truth is, the moment we change one part of any equation of how we have tried something before,

we will always have a different outcome.

Just try walking up the stairs with your arms by your side and then again with your arms elevated,

you will understand exactly what I’m talking about!


I wish you all another wonderful week ahead!

Enjoy the blooming flowers and all the other beautiful signs of a blossoming spring!


Remember, class is on this Monday, May 18 9:30am & 8:15pm.


Much Luv, Health, Happiness Always,


Happy Mother's Day

This week I thought, what better topic to write about than all you amazing women I know and love,

and if you are a man reading this, just appreciate all the women in your life while reading this please ;)


Happy Mother’s Day Beauties!

First, I want to dedicate this blog to my beautiful mom who tells me that I apparently tortured her before I was even born because I didn’t want to come out hahaha!

By the way, I’m not sure she would say things got any easier once I did finally make my entrance into this world ;)

I love you “Ema”!


Ninety percent of my clients are women and/or moms and their love, energy and commitment to their families is beyond remarkable!

Ladies, your ability to manage the household, take care of and organize your children(s)’ (and sometimes your husbands’) extra curricular activities, school work, meals, sleep times on a day-to-day basis really makes me believe that you women could run and manage companies better than most trained managers!

I see some of you in your “mom” role and then go out to a full time career and my jaw pretty much drops in awe! You moms are creators, motivators, teachers, cooks, home decorators, doctors, accountants, whether or not you have acquired the formal degrees.

Cheers to all of you and may you walk around knowing just how important you are to our families and how much your love is the glue that keeps all of us together!


Today, I want to share something that as a woman I have felt, and many of my clients have expressed they have struggled with as well. In other words, whether you are a mom or not, as a woman it’s highly likely you will totally get this so please keep reading even if you aren’t a mom.


Do you agree, that as women we are great (almost flawless) at putting others’ needs first and very often neglecting our own?

I would even say we can take better care of our loved one’s health, wellbeing, happiness and sometimes unfortunately, it can be to the detriment of our own health.

Moms are famous for saying things like,“I’ll just snack on something small, I don’t have time to eat a regular meal,” or “I wish I had time to shower!”

I know most women can relate to this, being a mom or not.

Not the part about showering lol but of getting everything else done before we take care of ourselves.

Maybe it’s the nurturers in us? Maybe it’s innate or a learned behaviour or maybe a bit of both. Maybe it’s just easier sometimes to take care of others? ;)

Whatever the reasons are, one thing I know, is it can be harmful to our own wellbeing and psyches.


Now, I don’t want to add any more pressure on you moms, but if I can just remind you that your little ones are watching you and will emulate your behaviour.

They want be like you. You are their super-hero (again no pressure lol). I only say this because

most moms that I know are motivated more by their children’s wellbeing than they are of their own.

You see, your child notices when you go to your exercise class, or when you eat your well rounded breakfast, or you have a night out with dad. If he/she learns that it’s important for mommy to be healthy and do things that she enjoys, chances are that when they grow up they will most likely follow those patterns as well.

The same will be true if they see mommy taking care of everyone and everything before she does anything for her own wellbeing (btw I agree that taking care of our families and our children is essential to our wellbeing as well!)

Now if you aren’t a mom maybe your “baby” is your career, your home, your friends or your mate.

In other words, do you take care of those things much more than you take care of yourself?

For example, do you sacrifice things you love like family, friendships, hobbies, or health and exercise time because of work? Do you find yourself always rushing through your lunch because of your career?

How about your mate? Do you want to please or take care of him more than yourself?

I know it’s tough to measure these things when it comes to love but we know when things feel off balance or when we feel we are always giving of ourselves and not enough to ourselves .


So today, I invite all you beautiful women to take a look at where you stand on the scale of taking care of yourself during your day and week?  Do you make time for you?

Remember, it doesn’t have to be the all or nothing approach.

You don’t have to get all rebellious and blame your clients, bosses and families and ditch all responsibilities.

We get into these self sacrificing patterns because we choose them but that also means we can also choose a better balance.

Try taking 15-20 minutes at lunch time for a quiet walk outside or even eating your lunch slowly rather than answering more emails. This is something that can be self nurturing and a good start to self care and putting yourself (for part of the day) ahead of your work.

As a mom, why not sit down with your children and eat while you feed them breakfast?

You know, one bite for me, one bite for you sort of thing.

Reflect upon where you can insert “you time” so that you can be healthier and happier for yourself and everyone that you love so much!


Have a beautiful week ahead and let me know how adding some “you time” goes this week!

Much Love, Health, Happiness Always,


Spring has Sprung...

As we transition into better weather are you considering what shoes to wear?If there is one thing we can do right away to help with our overall health and our alignment it is to thinktwice about how we "choose our shoes”.  So first off, let’s talk heels. I can totally appreciate a woman in feminine, summery heeled sandals and a summer dress buuuuut…Did you know that even 1-2 inches of heel height on your shoes can shift your body’s joint alignment by 20-40 degrees?Believe it or not, even some running shoes have a 1 inch heel elevation and yes, if you are wondering, so do most men’s shoes.That elevation causes our bodies to tilt forward (the reason we get an instant butt lift when we wear heels).Problem is, in order for our bodies to remain upright and for us to see straight ahead, our muscles and joints have to do a lot of shifting and deforming.The feet, the ankles, knees, shoulders, neck, head, spinal curvature and pelvic tilt all get affected and adjust accordingly to it’s new off-kilter axis.Think about it, can you imagine your washing machine functioning at 20-40% degrees off-axis?How about your car?It’s kind of like having a couple of flat tires and continuing to drive.Here’s a little side note…Even if you aren’t standing or walking for a long time in heels (many ladies say, “don’t worry I’m sitting at my desk most of the day not walking in heels”).Here’s the not so good news, sitting with heels is actually worse than just sitting which is already quite detrimental to our health.Not only does the sitting tighten your hips (and not in the good way) but being in heels while sitting will do that and make your calves so tight and actually shorter. Here’s an easy stretch you can do while sitting. Extend your legs out in front of you on a chair or step stool rather than leaving your knees bent at 90 degrees all day. So besides heels what other shoes should we avoid wearing this summer?Basically, any footwear that alters your whole body’s movement when you walk.What does that mean?Well for example, sorry to break the news but we need to ditch our flip flops.Flip flops obviously don’t attach fully to our foot so we end up having to alter different muscle use and joint actions to keep them on when we walk.Even if you don’t feel it happening (that’s how quickly the body jumps in to help) it’s work for your foot to keep it on and that work isn’t just limited to the toes.We hold on with the front of the foot (can create hammer toes), shins, quadriceps get very tense, we change the rate at which we walk, we may shuffle more and all just to keep that tiny piece of leather/rubber on.This is a perfect example of footwear that alters our whole body movement when we walk. Don’t get me wrong, we all want to look good but if we can’t move well and our walk becomes very awkward or stiffthat isn’t going to look so good either and moreover it will feel awful!Don’t worry it doesn’t mean we have to all wear clunky boxy shoes all summer. So here are a few tips for summer shoe shopping: 1) Try to stick to something that straps around your heel or ankle and that doesn’t move from side to side when you walk.There are so many summer colourful sandals on the market that don’t compromise comfort for style.Make sure they fit well and that your foot is sitting in the shoe. ( I feel like this is a shoe fitting tip now lol) 2) Try to avoid those tempting heels that scream, “you will look so sexy in these”.I know we need a little something feminine for special occasions (as long as we keep it to that).A cute summer ballerina can pair up beautifully for day wear where you will be walking more than a few steps from your car to a resto or a terrase. 3) This is a little tip for those of you with young children. Please keep them out of shoes as much as you can!The more that they are barefoot the more their muscles in their whole bodies will properly develop.I know the designer styles in mini are so friggin adorable I luv them too, but they have their whole lives to wear themso give those little bodies the stimulation and demand they require to develop to their best potential.Hold on to your chairs now, if you are feeling brave you can even try to allow them to run and play outdoors barefoot once in a while.I know, now I’m being way too crazy! HAHAHA So there you have it ,a few tips to improving your health starting with your “sole”.  Have a great week ahead!PS: If you start seeing me in my “Vibrams” as the weather gets warmer please promise not to make fun of me! Much love, health and happiness always, 

How to Choose Your Shoes...

As we transition into better weather are you considering what shoes to wear?If there is one thing we can do right away to help with our overall health and our alignment it is to thinktwice about how we "choose our shoes”. So first off, let’s talk heels. I can totally appreciate a woman in feminine, summery heeled sandals and a summer dress buuuuut…Did you know that even 1-2 inches of heel height on your shoes can shift your body’s joint alignment by 20-40 degrees?Believe it or not, even some running shoes have a 1 inch heel elevation and yes, if you are wondering, so do most men’s shoes.That elevation causes our bodies to tilt forward (the reason we get an instant butt lift when we wear heels).Problem is, in order for our bodies to remain upright and for us to see straight ahead, our muscles and joints have to do a lot of shifting and deforming.The feet, the ankles, knees, shoulders, neck, head, spinal curvature and pelvic tilt all get affected and adjust accordingly to it’s new off-kilter axis.Think about it, can you imagine your washing machine functioning at 20-40% degrees off-axis?How about your car?It’s kind of like having a couple of flat tires and continuing to drive.Here’s a little side note…Even if you aren’t standing or walking for a long time in heels (many ladies say, “don’t worry I’m sitting at my desk most of the day not walking in heels”).Here’s the not so good news, sitting with heels is actually worse than just sitting which is already quite detrimental to our health.Not only does the sitting tighten your hips (and not in the good way) but being in heels while sitting will do that and make your calves so tight and actually shorter. Here’s an easy stretch you can do while sitting. Extend your legs out in front of you on a chair or step stool rather than leaving your knees bent at 90 degrees all day. So besides heels what other shoes should we avoid wearing this summer?Basically, any footwear that alters your whole body’s movement when you walk.What does that mean?Well for example, sorry to break the news but we need to ditch our flip flops.Flip flops obviously don’t attach fully to our foot so we end up having to alter different muscle use and joint actions to keep them on when we walk.Even if you don’t feel it happening (that’s how quickly the body jumps in to help) it’s work for your foot to keep it on and that work isn’t just limited to the toes.We hold on with the front of the foot (can create hammer toes), shins, quadriceps get very tense, we change the rate at which we walk, we may shuffle more and all just to keep that tiny piece of leather/rubber on.This is a perfect example of footwear that alters our whole body movement when we walk. Don’t get me wrong, we all want to look good but if we can’t move well and our walk becomes very awkward or stiffthat isn’t going to look so good either and moreover it will feel awful!Don’t worry it doesn’t mean we have to all wear clunky boxy shoes all summer. So here are a few tips for summer shoe shopping: 1) Try to stick to something that straps around your heel or ankle and that doesn’t move from side to side when you walk.There are so many summer colourful sandals on the market that don’t compromise comfort for style.Make sure they fit well and that your foot is sitting in the shoe. ( I feel like this is a shoe fitting tip now lol) 2) Try to avoid those tempting heels that scream, “you will look so sexy in these”.I know we need a little something feminine for special occasions (as long as we keep it to that).A cute summer ballerina can pair up beautifully for day wear where you will be walking more than a few steps from your car to a resto or a terrase. 3) This is a little tip for those of you with young children. Please keep them out of shoes as much as you can!The more that they are barefoot the more their muscles in their whole bodies will properly develop.I know the designer styles in mini are so friggin adorable I luv them too, but they have their whole lives to wear themso give those little bodies the stimulation and demand they require to develop to their best potential.Hold on to your chairs now, if you are feeling brave you can even try to allow them to run and play outdoors barefoot once in a while.I know, now I’m being way too crazy! HAHAHA So there you have it ,a few tips to improving your health starting with your “sole”.  Have a great week ahead!PS: If you start seeing me in my “Vibrams” as the weather gets warmer please promise not to make fun of me! Much love, health and happiness always, 

How old is your skeleton?

Hello Beauties! Today I want to talk about our bones and how we can improve our skeletal health.Did you know that your bones are not necessarily the same age as you are?Actually your whole skeleton isn’t.You can have a skeleton of someone who is younger than you or someone who is older than you!How cool is that?Did you know that our bones and our skeleton regenerates itself about every 10 years?Amazingly, the old cells die off and get replaced with new healthy bone.In young healthy adults the amount of bone regeneration remains quite constant but as we age, that amount differs depending on our lifestyles.The rate at which all of our tissues and bones turn over is based on mechanical signals that our bodies receive and “load”.For the sake of describing load in the simplest way, we can think of load in the human body as force, stress or strain.Truth is, every joint, muscle and tissue has an appropriate “load” required but that doesn’t mean that more (load) is better, rather it just means doing things correctly is VERY important.That’s the beauty of having an aligned posture and why I love working with clients on aligning their posture.The benefit of having an aligned posture is that your muscles and joints receive the proper amount of stimulation and stress (load) when you move. If your posture is not properly aligned, then some of your muscles will absorb more stress and strain and then will compensate for the other muscles.In other words, they will take over, get the job done, and usually leave you injured and in pain :(. (but I will leave this topic for another tip)Back to our bone health and what we can do to improve it!Here are a couple of tips: 1) Being active is on the top of the list to maintaining a younger skeleton! You see, we can turn back the hand of time, only thing is it’s on the inside of our bodies, not the outside ;) But trust me,a the health of your skeleton will be visible on the outside too!Maintaining healthy muscle mass is so important to your bone health as well. So all you cardio crazed people, try to incorporate at least some step-ups, squats and pushups into your workouts. Try using your own body weight for a while and maintaining a good posture and when that gets easy, add a bit of weight to your workout. 2) Good nutrition (I know you have never heard me say this one before) is also very important to maintaining healthy bones that turn over easily. Sticking to a high amount of fresh vegetables, lots of water, good quality fats and proteins will help your skeleton regenerate. Obviously, sugars and boxed foods are not foods that help to build bones nor do they give our cells and organs the required minerals and nutrients they require. Remember that our bones are living tissues that are constantly changing and therefore so is our skeleton. Don’t you love that?I love thinking that something that seems so rock solid is actually always in a state of movement, change, growth and has possibilities of turning over into something even better with a little bit of our help and effort. I wish you all a wonderful week ahead! Much Luv, Health & HappinessVered

What's Up... with Vered

Hello Beauties, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


Do you believe in love at first sight? Well I do...

I fell in love with teaching dance over 25 years ago (yes I was 5! ;) )

Come to think of it, I began teaching my invisible friends as a child way before that, hahaha!

Sharing what I love, and what I have experienced as something positive in my life, is what I think I do best.

When I taught jazz ballet, I loved seeing my students’ faces light up, as their bodies did what their brains told them to do!

Or later when I taught ballroom and latin dance, when they would come back to me and tell me about how they were able to go out onto the dance floor and have fun and shine with their partner at a party they went to!

Now, as a posture alignment therapist and fitness coach I love hearing about when people feel fitter and healthier in their bodies after working with me or how their lives have gone from being in pain to being pain free!

As I look back through the years and paths I have followed and experiences I have had, so much of what I have done comes from that spark inside of me

of wanting to share, guide and educate others on what I love and know can make people’s lives better!


That’s really one of the reasons why I participated this weekend in a wonderful event called the “Ultimate Girls Getaway” .

It’s an event filled with a full day of workshops that educate, empower and encourage women to live their best lives.

There is also a fun PJ party where I get to jump in and play DJ and dance with all the ladies for a few hours.


Not only is it a fun filled girl weekend but the money raised goes to support an organization called “Women for Women International”.


Each event sponsors women from war torn countries and helps to provide them with tools to help rebuild their lives and their families lives.

Truly, that’s a great way to run an event because everyone can feel they are contributing to something greater, totally a win win!


This weekend I will be presenting a workshop that I created and love teaching called “Beautiful Body Basics”.

Where I will teach and help ladies understand how our body functions and what it really needs so we can truly have lives filled with optimal health!

Who doesn’t want that? I know we all do and that’s why I love giving this workshop!


Another love I have is of nature and whether it’s walking in it casually or working out surrounded by trees and sunshine it’s something

that truly gives me joy (it’s also something I discovered later in life btw).

Next Sunday at 10am we will be starting our Outdoor Spring Training and it looks like it’s perfect timing. They are calling for double digits!

If you want more info about the training please let me know .


So enough about me!

This week I thought it could be fun if you all shared with me some of what you love doing.

What gives you that sense of, “oh yeah this is so me!” or, “I feel content when I’m doing this.”

Sometimes it’s not an overwhelming blast of bliss and that’s ok, and it doesn’t have to be career oriented either.

I just really want to know about you, your passions, your inner spark, whatever it is that lights up when you…..?

Also, remember it’s never too late to find things you enjoy and really the only way we know is to try.

If you feel inclined to attempt something new, go for it, try it at least once or twice.

We are here to enjoy our day-to-day lives and sometimes as we get caught up in all the busyness and forget to take time to read our favourite book when it really makes us so happy!


I wish you all a great week ahead!

We are back on to our regular Zumba schedule PHEEEEW!!!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again.


Much Luv,  Infinite Health and Happiness Always,



Happy Holidays Beauties!


Every week when I sit down to write, I try to look back on what touched me most during the past week.

This week the theme seemed to be "change".

I have quite a few very courageous clients that are committed to making changes in their lifestyles.

Since I am so proud and inspired by them, I thought that I could come up with something short and sweet for this holiday weekend!

A little acronym for CHANGE…



I believe that any attempt to make change requires Courage.

The definition for courage is the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.

Have you ever been faced with wanting to make a change in any aspect in your life and felt fearful and nervous?

Well I can honestly say I have, and it takes digging into that courage well to keep moving forward.



One of the great things to me about attempting to create change in our lives (no matter at what level) is that change usually is coupled with Hope.

Even if we are afraid of change or it seems challenging (sometimes very), Hope is what allows us to be optimistic about our future change.



Every change remains a lofty dream until we begin to take Action.

Whether you go out and perform a task or you switch the way you are thinking about things, you are wanting change.

Action is key. The idea of this tip would have remained an idea up until I sat at my computer, thought about a few things, and started typing away.

Action brings our dreams into reality and allows for great changes to happen.



When we Nurture our desired change daily we are giving that something care and attention and no matter what, some change will occur.

There are some clients that I work with on a daily basis. Together, we nurture their desired changes and the results are always fantastic.

Nurturing to me is a way of focusing, and we all know and have experienced that whatever we focus on grows.



Can you relate to this? You are ready for change and you want it now! “Am I there yet?” Hahaha I can!

This can be the killer of change because when the change doesn’t happen as fast as we want it, we get hard on ourselves.

When we are making changes, being Gentle with ourselves is key to sticking to those changes we are desiring.

Nobody likes being beaten up for too long, so we bail.

Being gentle and tender while we are making changes will keep us in the game for much longer and we will obviously enjoy the ride much more!



There are so many good words to choose here for E!

Staying Excited about the changes you are attempting isn’t always easy especially when those changes test our abilities and beliefs.

So I think one of the key things to having a positive outcome while you are making changes is to ask for and be around people who Encourage you (yes I’m using two E words here).

We often think that we can do everything on our own but really when we have support and a cheering squad and when we provide that for each other, we can truly see beautiful changes happen in our lives and in those we love around us.


I’m so looking forward to this new season of CHANGE and I wish you all success in whatever changes you are seeking to create in your lives.


Happy Holidays!

Infinite Luv, Happiness, Health Always,



Reminder: There is a Monday 9:30am Zumba class!

The evening class is canceled due to the gym being closed for Easter so make sure to get to our am Zumba Boogie!!!


PS: Our Spring Outdoor Training will be starting Sunday April 19 2015 10am at the mountain.

If you are interested in joining us or require more details please message me.

Simon (Vered) Says, "Listen to Your Body"

Hello Beauties!


This week I had the pleasure of teaching another one of my “Live Pain Free” seminars.

Educating people on how to live pain free and to have a better understanding of our bodies is really such a passion of mine.

Today I thought I would try something a bit different with regards to my tip.

Let’s play somewhat of a “Simon Says or Vered Says” together :))

It’s actually an easy way to understand how the parts of your body are able to move right now or how they aren’t.


As most of you already know I have a “small/big” clinic where I treat people who are in pain through posture alignment therapy.

Small in size but big as in the issues of pain and suffering with which it deals and helps alleviate.


It’s common to think that only people who are out of shape are the ones in pain but actually this week I spoke to three athletes who are in excruciating pain and are still working around their pain while performing their sport!

So they tape up, brace up, and anti-inflammatory up (pop pills) :((

Truth is, whether you are an elite athlete or someone who does recreational exercise/sport, what I want to share with you today is a way of thinking about movement and your body that can be beneficial at every fitness level.


So here we go, I will take you through a few tests that you can do on yourself to see how/where your body is actually functioning (or not):


Vered says ”Let’s start with the Head and Neck :)"

From wherever you are sitting or standing right now, begin slowly turning your head to the left and then to the right.

Try to turn it gently as far as you can without pushing too hard.

Now notice if your head turns easier to one side versus the other or are both sides feeling stiff?

Does your head, jaw or ears feel pressure when you do this?

Do you have to turn your shoulders to turn your neck?

Make a mental note of how each side is performing. Which one turns further?


Moving on down to our “Shoulders”

Vered says, “Our shoulders are meant to function in every direction”

Extend one arm straight up alongside your head. Your arm should remain alongside your ear rather than in front of your head. Try to extend your arm by straightening your elbow and hold it there for 10 seconds, then slowly bring it down.

You can do this in front of a mirror or standing up as well to make sure your elbow really straightens completely. Now try the other arm.

Once again, notice the difference.

Which arm extends more and which elbow remains bent?

Did you feel pain extending one arm and not the other, or perhaps both don’t extend completely?

Did you have to lift your shoulders, chest and ribcage up to get the arm fully extended?

The goal here is to understand your body and how it moves better.


Vered says, “It’s Time to Twist Your Torso”

This is a tough one even for flexible and fit people so move slowly and gently in and out of this position.

Relax your stomach and shoulders and don’t hold your breath.

Now inch your butt to the edge of your chair, keep both feet flat on the floor and both of your butt cheeks on the chair.

Remember, relax your stomach and shoulders.

Softly exhale as you gradually turn your head, shoulders and upper body to one side and take hold of the back of the chair with one arm. If there is no back just hold onto the seat. Try to have both shoulders square and facing the opposite wall.

Stay there for 10-30 seconds. Now try the other side.

You know my next question right?

How did one side feel in comparison to the other?

Did your back crack a bit?

Most people really feel rigid and stiff in this movement, did you?


Vered (and Shakira:) ) say, “Those Hips don’t lie about your Balance”

Stand up with your feet facing forward as much as possible, hip width apart (thats about a foot wide not 3 btw)

Lift one leg up bending at the knee and notice how your balance is.

Try the other leg now.

Do you find it easier to stand on one leg versus the other?

Try this a few times to notice the difference.

Here’s a little something most therapists know and now you will too… the leg that you feel more stable and balanced on is usually the side of your more optimally functioning hip. (It’s also usually the first one you try balancing on) Cool trick huh?


So now you have tried all of these positions and movements.

I really hope that you did… did you?

C’mon please go ahead and try them. It will only take a few minutes and you will gain tremendous insight into how your body is moving (or not) presently.


So, you have tried these positions and now what?

Well first of all, if you have pain in your body, of course I recommend you contact me and then come see me in my clinic ASAP because no one should or has to live in pain.


For the rest of you that don’t live with any pain(s) but you felt a noticeable difference from one side of your body to the other and would like to improve upon it, here are a few tips:


1) Repeat the above movements as often as you can during your day.

You can do them sitting or standing.

Health isn’t just about that hour-long workout and then sitting for 8 hours straight.

Incorporate movement not just exercise into your lifestyle.


2) Try incorporating this way of thinking into your daily habits.

Try using your mouse with your left hand if it’s usually in your right.

Notice which leg you usually stand on when standing and switch it up.

Have you ever tried drinking using the opposite hand to hold your glass?

Hahaha attempt this with caution!

The goal is to use both sides equally and notice how you establish better balance.

This is a great beginning to improving your body’s health, flexibility and bilateral muscular balance (both sides of the body work evenly, right to left and front and back).


3) I can go on and on but I will leave you with one last thing.

As the weather gets warmer get outside for your walks or jog/run.

Avoid treadmills (a topic for another tip) but for now you can just keep in mind that a treadmill moves you but when you walk outside you move you.

Using our natural environment for movement and exercise is so beneficial to establishing balance in our bodies as well.

If you work out in a gym, change up what you do as often as possible, even changing the order of the same exercises you do is beneficial.

Try to do as many exercises off machines that have you sitting.

I have to say the biggest benefit I can say about Zumba classes (I’m not biased at all) is all the different directional movements your body experiences with every routine.


So there you have it, a few positions to give you insight into how your own body is moving and a few tips to keep you moving in the right direction or better yet “all directions!”


Have a fantastic week ahead!

Much Luv, Health and Happiness Always,


Beautiful body formula to health and weight loss...

Hello Beauties, I hope you are all doing well!


This week I was seeking a tip idea so I asked someone,”what are some of your struggles in health?”

The first thing I heard was, “my weight”.

So that brought me once again to thinking about how we eat and why we eat, and why weight and food is such a  great struggle for so many of us.

We tend to categorize food “good and bad” (and everything else for that matter).

This food is bad, this one is good, and while we know so much more about food, the problem with weight seems to be still growing.

Many of the lists and articles put out on the top ten foods to eat and which to avoid may hold some truths, yet they still don't propose a method to help people to make long term changes.

It's very rare that someone who eats cakes and take out foods daily is going to switch to kale overnight and ditch the sweets just by reading more about it.

So what is it?

Is it just motivation or willpower?

It's obviously not because of a lack of information out there, right?

As I wrote last week in my tip, the idea that we can say NO to every sweet and indulgence that comes our way is somewhat unrealistic for the majority of us.

So what to do?

If you are reading this and feel a lack of motivation diet-wise lately and feel like you have fallen off the band wagon over this long winter, I’m hoping this tip will give you some of the insight you are needing to make some changes.


Today I will share with you the #1 thing that can dramatically change how you eat and the size of your waistline.


For those of you who follow my blogs regularly or work with me, you know I don't like using the "you absolutely can't have those foods ever!" approach. The moment you tell someone that, the moment their brain says, “ Oh yeah you aren’t the boss of me! I’m eating pizza everyday now!” Hahaha

So instead, I like to ask the question, "what other/more food(s) can you add to your meal to improve your health?"

Brain says, “Really? This is new, hmmm, I’m curious keep talking…”

Seriously though, you may be thinking, "You want me to eat more Vered? How will that help me drop inches?"

Let me explain.

How many of you eat cereal/oatmeal, or a fruit, or a yogurt, or a piece of toast with some nut spread or butter with a cup of coffee for breakfast?

Truth is, every person I have guided through my Beautiful Body Food Program has told me that’s what their breakfasts consist of and most of these people are already health conscious people. Now are these awful choices?

No, not at all but what they are is incomplete meals or meals that are not well balanced “macro-nutrient wise”.

Those meals consist mostly of sugar/carbohydrate sources.

Having these foods on their own tips our blood sugar levels and that is the fastest way to ensure we continue to store fat and tax our pancreas and demand it to release more insulin to balance out our blood sugar level.  You with me so far?

So in order to avoid that from happening and prevent overuse of the pancreas which can lead to hyperglycemia or even diabetes, we need to balance out our meals.

You know, most people don’t understand why they don’t drop weight when they aren’t eating much in the way of food but, the choices that they are making are wrong for weight loss. If your day looks like this, a piece of toast at breakfast, then a fruit as a snack, then a veggie and bean salad at lunch you will notice (below as I explain the formula) just how incomplete your meals really are and why long term, healthy, weight loss can’t happen like this.


So here it is, the #1 thing my successful clients who have dropped weight and keep it off long term learn and apply, is a meal formula I educate them on. For example, what would we need to add to a meal like the breakfasts I mentioned above to make it a balanced meal that doesn’t tip our blood sugar?

Btw having a balanced blood sugar level not only helps with weight loss, it also improves our energy throughout our day, and it even aids in stabilizing our moods!


So let me show you the "meal planning formula" I guide my clients through with when they are planning their meals in my Beautiful Body Program:


1) The Sugar/Carbohydrate portion like the fruit, toast, cereal portion of any breakfast should ideally be about 20-25% of your meal.

It shouldn’t be the main dish, it’s a side.

Also, if you would like to get more detailed, for fat loss, I would say this amount of sugar in a meal is for someone who is moderately active (you aren’t sitting all day long, you take walks every few days or exercise about 2-3 times a week).


2) The Protein portion of your breakfasts (or any meal actually) should be approximately 50-60% of your meal.

My favorite daily breakfast choice are eggs (organic when possible, yes the extra $2 is worth it).


3) The Fat portion of your meal should be 20-25% and they need to be healthy quality fats (I’m not talking deep fried hash browns here lol). My favorite choices are avocado or almonds/walnuts or a bit of both.


4) Next, add the veggies veggies veggies.  My breakfast favorites are whatever I actually have in my fridge and usually it's spinach and arugula. Raw and cooked, both are wonderful for you! Add as many veggies as you like to a delicious omelette, try to make it colourful!


Remember the essential part about meal planning like this is that you never say to yourself, "I can't have this or I can’t have that! Instead you ask yourself “am I having enough of this or that and what do I need to add to have a balanced meal (and blood sugar level)?”


Now, if you are looking at where does my wine fit in or my cookie?

Well ask yourself what do those foods consist of mostly?

Yep you got it, sugars (carbohydrates) so it's 20-25% of your meal and avoid having it alone. It’s part of your balanced meal in the proper percentage (portion).

Like every mom often says. "You can have your dessert after you finish your food.”


A minimal understanding and application of the science and the maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels will result in a healthier you and a slimmer waistline!


Btw, if you are interested in working one on one on your own personalized 30 Day Beautiful Body Program and get daily educational information, guidance and support from me please contact me.


I hope this tip gives you insight into how every meal can either bring our bodies to a better balance or throw them right off.

I really think it’s time we all go back to enjoying food rather than questioning ourselves with every bite we take :))

Bon Appetit and have a fabulous week ahead!


PS: A few of you have asked if husbands are welcome to join the Sunday Outdoor Training and my answer is yes!

The family that exercises together gets the "endorphin high” together ;)


Luv, Happiness, Health and Movement Always,


5 Tips to Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

Hello beauties!

So it's that time of year again. The eagerly awaited warmer weather and the holidays are only a couple of weeks away.

I don't want to send you into a panic but so are all the large meals, the family get togethers and the extra side dishes that we don't usually indulge in.

Holidays are wonderful, and so is family and great food for that matter.

It's so fantastic to sit and share and laugh with people you love over a great meal. But what will your meals look like?

No matter what holiday you celebrate, when it comes to celebrating, we all do one thing in the same way... eat, eat, eat and then complain, complain, complain about how we ate too much, hahaha it's crazy!

I don't believe I can change that ritual and I don't even want to attempt to!

What I thought I would suggest with you this year is perhaps we can all try to bring everything we eat at this time back to homemade foods.

It seems that at this time of year we go all out on packaged and over-processed over-sugared foods.

Most of them really aren't that tasty and very over-priced on top of it all! It also results in us feeling bloated and after a couple of meals our waistlines aren't feeling quite the same, right?


So how can we still have our holiday tables filled up without overfilling our bellies?

Here are 5 Tips to prevent the customary 5-8 pound Holiday Weight Gain:


1) Create and write out your meal menus in advance keeping in mind creating well-balanced meals.

What does well-balanced look like to me, you ask?

A) Start with your raw salads and/or cut up veggies and bake or grill some cooked veggies and potatoes sweet and regular.

One thing that I love that my sister in-law Caroline often makes are roasted sliced peaches in the oven. It adds the perfect sweetness to side dishes! Use your favourite olive oils and spices for your salads and your cooked veggies. Flavour matters! Healthy foods can and should taste good!

B) Next, decide on what type of protein sources you will be serving.

Chicken, fish, meats. Try to avoid deep or heavily frying them.

Slow cooking them in the oven again with your favorite spices will give you flavourful results and is believed by some to have more nutritional benefits for our bodies. In other words, the slower we cook our foods the better it can potentially be for us.


2) Ok I know this is where I will get some flack from many of you but here I go anyway. Don't make rice, pasta, and lots of grain dishes. On a regular basis I wouldn't stress this as much, but one thing I know we will all agree on is we eat so many more sweets and drink more alcohol over the holidays.

So one of the ways we can keep the pounds off is by making a trade-off, what do you think?

Your potatoes will be more than enough alongside your meal annnnnd for those of you who have picky children eaters, if you make pastas and rices, what do you think they will fill themselves up on first? Yes, you guessed it and then they go to dessert, so basically the only macronutrients they will eat will consist of sugar and carbohydrates.

Instead, if it's not there, it's not an option and guess what, they will potentially eat more veggies and chicken/protein instead.

For those of you who really insist on another starch choose quinoa, it’s the second best option to sweet potatoes.


3) Pre plan your desserts now. Waiting till the last minute is what gets us running to the closest bakery for snacks and treats.

There is nothing wrong with having a treat or two over the holidays but if you can make it at home with better ingredients and the quantity of sugar you feel good about, why not?

This can even be a fun event to do with your children. Bring them into the kitchen and melt some organic chocolate.

Cut up some fruits and have them dip them. Simple, easy and I would say a better option to all of those store bought cookies, cakes, excessively sweetened deserts.

If you are someone who wants to try something new you can also look up (Google) recipes that are grain free, flour and wheat free and offer other options to sweetening your recipe instead of using sugar.

I'm not a baker but I can tell you that fruits, honey and maple syrup are other options to sweetening desserts instead of using refined sugar (weather white or brown it's the same) but should still be used in moderation as they are still sugars.


4) Avoid putting soda, juices or pop as an option on the table please!!!

Having a glass of one of those sugary drinks is the same as having a piece of cake so again, make choices or trade-offs and teaching our children to do the same is planting fantastic future health seeds. Why have your children eating desserts, having sodas and surgery juices all in one sitting?

I know many of us think it's a special occasion, but special occasions come more often than we know, with birthdays, parties and holidays and leave our children turning into future sugar addicts. Again, if it's not there it won’t be missed.

Your guests will be fine with it and enjoy their wine and water just as much.

While we are talking about water and wine let me give you a little tip on that. Try to drink lots of water before your large meal. For one, it will help you digest your meal better than if you drink it during your meal (we have digestive acids that get diluted if we drink while eating, making it harder to digest) and usually it will give you a full belly feeling sooner than later so it could help with not over stuffing yourselves at meal time.


5) I saved the best for last! Of course it goes without saying MOVE as much as you can during the holidays. Stick to your fitness schedule, do not compromise on this, make it a must! Take some time to get to your classes or whatever your movement/workout schedule is or make sure to sweat at home but let's be honest, we can almost all guarantee it that it won't get done at home, there are way too many things to do and "I'll get to that later" is what will likely happen. So, book your time now and you will also feel so good when you put on your holiday outfits!


I hope these Tips will help you in making some great choices and planning for the holidays ahead. If you have any great recipes that are easy and are in-line with this way of thinking please feel free to share them with me and I will share them as well!


I wish you all a fun, delicious, health and love filled holiday!!!


Much Luv, Health & Happiness Always,


3 Tips to “Un-support” your body parts...

Hello Beauties!


Today I’m thinking about how the word of the day seems to be support.

It seems like we are convinced that it is imperative in choosing our shoes, mattresses, pillows, sofas, and chairs.

Or maybe we just hear it a lot by well-trained sales staff and in ads.

I'm sure you have all heard the commercials that are promising a better night’s sleep with the proper supportive mattress, or the right pillow to support your neck.

Or when we are in the athletic shoe department the question that often comes up, “does this shoe have enough support for me?”

Actually I often get asked that by people at the gym, “what is the shoe that offers the most support?”

I usually ask them why do they want all that support?

More often then not we just believe it’s what is best for us because it has been drilled into our brains by effective marketing.

Well, I’m here today to bust a little myth for you my friends.

Truth is, we really don’t need all that support.

Or let me say it another way, “it’s not the shoe or the mattress that will make a difference, it’s our bodies”.

I was laughing with one of my clients this week because she was telling her husband while training that she needs new shoes because her ankles hurt. She quickly admitted she also wanted the new Nikes that are out (hahaha) but the reality is that if we had optimally functioning feet, ankles, knees, hips etc… we could/should be running around barefoot!

Before I go on let me say that I have nothing against feeling comfortable.

I don’t think we have to walk around barefoot on pebbles all day to develop a better structure (though we would and it really would be amazing for our bodies ;)).

I especially love comfortable shoes but I never look for a structural support for my feet, head, neck or mattress.

You have heard this expression before and I think it’s perfect for explaining where I’m going with this, “what we don’t use, we lose!”


Do you know that your feet can sustain several tons of pressure?

Actually they do over a course of a one mile run!

Did you know there are over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet??

So why is it that we think they need a piece of leather to give them more support?

One of the best things we can do for our feet and necks, for that matter, is to begin to  “un-support” them so they can relearn how to support you.


Here are a 3 tips how to “un-support” your body parts.

1) Let’s start with the feet.

a)Whenever you can, walk around barefoot. Getting your feet out of those shoes and heels will remind your muscles they have a job to do. Also, when you wear shoes, wear the softest, least hard structured ones.

Allow your body to do the job it was meant to do.

FYI: If you have babies and young children, keep them barefoot for as long as possible.

Allow the bone structures of their little bodies to develop in the most unrestricted way possible.

As we come out of winter, our feet seem to be more tender and fragile.

One of the reasons is because they have been held hostage in boots, socks and slippers for months on end, so begin to ease them out of them slowly.

Spend part of your day barefoot, allowing for your feet to make the slow transition to being more bare come summer.

You can also give them some extra TLC by rubbing them with some coconut oil before bed and/or in the morning before getting up.

b) We can also really help build those muscles and tendons by doing a few extra movements with them during the day.

So lay on your back or sitting in your chair hold one leg under the knee and begin circular foot rotations clockwise and counter clockwise and pointing and flexing your feet as often as possible.

I suggest you start with at least 20 rotations in each direction, working your way up to 40 (yes that's 120 total on each foot).

Make sure to do both feet. Then notice the difference when you walk around.

2) Now to the head and neck.

Start by reducing the amount of pillows you use in bed.

It may be tough to become a no pillow person right off the bat, so as I suggest to my posture clients, start by going down to 1 pillow. Then move on to a soft, almost flat pillow and then lastly start sleeping without any pillow. Also, you can try starting your night sleeping flat on your back without a pillow and then even when you turn on your side you will eventually not need a pillow.

Your neck will be flexible enough to relax and do the job it’s meant to do.

You can test yourself out right now by turning your head to the left and then right a few times. How does that feel? Is one side tighter than the other? Do you prefer to sleep on one side? You may want to switch that up a bit and randomly through your day, turn your head gently side to side and up and down. That neck needs some stimulation too.

3) One more thing you can try to do is spend some of your TV watching or computer time sitting on the floor. I know some of you are saying, “are you crazy Vered??!!!” But I promise you, the body needs to experience different positions to remind your muscles all throughout that they have jobs to do and the best thing about this is you get your muscles to work without any extra time.

You are already watching that tv show or working/reading/playing on your computer, why not get some body work in at the same time?

Coming off the comfy couch or big comfy chair will help stimulate your body in many different ways.

Try cross legged or legs extended in front of you or laying on your tummy.

Actually, the more you change up your position the better it is for your body and the less stiff you will feel when you get up.


So there you have it, a few ways we can remind our bodies to use the muscles we were born with and believe me, every little bit helps!



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All money raised will be donated!


I wish you all a wonderful week ahead and I look forward to sharing more body “shaking" moments together!

Infinite Love, Health and Happiness Always,



March Forward

Hello Beauties and happy March!


We all have heard the expression about March,“it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.”

It’s very much the month of change, especially weather-wise.

It’s the month that starts with slushy days and turns into brighter, warmer days of spring.

Don’t you think it’s amazing how all of this can happen in one month, 31 days to be exact?

I for one, am thrilled to see March here and am welcoming it with wide open arms!


What I’m thinking about today is how March is filled with so much hope and possibilities!

After the cooooold challenging winter we have all had, how are we going to welcome in March?

I’m eager to put away all the heavy winter wears and hopefully be walking around by end of month once again without boots, yaaaay!

I’m thinking about how this is the time of year for new growth and new possibilities!

Cleaner cars, relaxed shoulders, and smiley people come out once again to play (so to say).


I feel like this time of year can be just as, or even more inspiring than what January resolution time is, because I’m thinking, going along with nature’s growth and rebirth cycle can be potentially very powerful!

This is the time for us to be fertile and plant those seeds of goals, dreams and wishes just as nature is doing with all it’s seedlings right now.

Isn’t it also cool how the word March means to go forward, to advance to proceed?

Also, when we think of someone marching we see them moving ahead quite confidently in their direction. How about we summon some of that energy this month?


Please Click here to read more


So what do you say? What have you been wanting to go forward with, advance or plant seeds in?

Do you have any dreams, ideas, projects or changes you have been thinking about making for a while but the winter months have been less than motivating?

Have you been thinking about making some changes in your health?

Over the winter months many of us have had the hardest time “getting it together” with food and exercise, especially when we live in the East coast. Well, Hallelujah we are in for better days!

Time to plant some new seeds I say!


So what does planting those seeds look like to in real life, besides a popular cute expression?

Let me give you 3 Steps on how to get started.

Here is a small “March Forward Challenge” you can join me in, if you like!


1) List out a few things you are wanting to make changes in or start on. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get started nor all the details of how to make it happen just yet. Just list it out on paper or your smart phone, allow yourself to dream and have a little fun with your thoughts and dreams.


2) Now out of your list choose your top 3, or if you only have 3, put them in order of priority.

What are the most important things to you that you want to change or start on?

What will give you joy, fulfillment and improve your overall emotional, spiritual, physical, health longterm?

Is it learning something new? Is it practicing your piano twice a week? Is it saving for a vacation?

Is it cleaning out your cupboards of old stuff you no longer need?

Is it getting into a committed training fitness or nutrition program with yours truly?

Is it reading daily?

Whatever your top 3 are put them in order of priority and write it down please.


3) Next it’s time to begin with #1 on your list.

How will you get started on it? This is it, you are already on it!

Take some time right now to plan it out. If you need help with it, seek out who and how you can get that help. Make that phone call, send out that email, hire that coach or teacher.

Take one step today to “March” forward into this new direction.

Remember changes don’t happen magically overnight.

Daily, small efforts leads us to achieving our desired outcome in a fun attainable way!

Now write down what effort you made today toward your #1 today.


Let me share something important with you, one of the things that creates success and keeps my clients on track in making positive changes in their nutritional lifestyle when they are on my

“30 Day Beautiful Body Program” is the daily act of having to write things down, send it off to me and be accountable to me as their coach.

So if you like you can even partner up with a willing friend for my “March Forward Challenge”. Someone who is potentially as excited about making a change or creating a new dream this month in their life.

Don’t drag anyone unwilling into this because it will just drain you of your own energy for your own goal. It can be just as great on your own. If you do have a partner in this, at the end of the day send them a little note saying the action you took today towards that goal.

Now this could be anything, even reading an article about what your goal is an action.

This “March Forward Challenge” will bring a daily focus onto what you have been wanting to create, its not only about the outcome so don’t worry about that too much. It will happen naturally as we continue forward with our daily actions and it will usually take longer than a month depending on the goal or dream but again that doesn’t matter.

If you are doing this with a friend, DO NOT become an advice giver or “judgey” you will or can lose your friend that way hahaha just be a cheerleader. Your response should always be positive words like ”you are a superstar, yaaaay, go for it, good job etc..” not “you should try this or that or blah blah blah” .

So there you have it, let’s March forward together!

If you would like to share, I would love to hear back from you on what your #1 is!!


Much Luv, Movement, Health, and Infinite Happiness Always,



Decline of the Recline

Hello Beauties! I hope you are all doing well.Ever wonder why it is that when you get in and out of your car you moan this little (or not so little) “ughhh”?Or have you ever been on a plane ride and literally felt like you worked out for hours andyour body felt broken upon landing?Well, if you said yes to any of those questions you will enjoy today’s tip! Below are two pictures I think will be helpful in explaining today’s tip.I don’t want this to be too technical, but I do want you to understand what’s going on and I think if you are reading this tip you are interested in your own body’s anatomy and improving your health, right?So here goes!Picture number one shows what Joe’s body looks like on the outside when his pelvis and his overall posture is aligned and when it isn’t. Do you see that?Now which profile position looks similar to yours? Do you recognize yourself in any of those pictures? Here’s something fun you can try.Ask someone at home to take a picture of you and compare your picture to the images portrayed and see where you match up pelvis-wise.So what does this have to do with my car you are asking?Well, here let me ask you something.In which picture does Joe look like he is in a position for driving?   So if you guessed Joe is in a driving position in the third picture you were right!!!You see our fancy sporty contoured bucket-like car seats (even in mini vans now) aren’t doing our bodies (while driving) any good and actually is doing us lots of damage :(It may feel great when we first get in. You know how we feel all snuggled in a comfy bucket (similar to a baby bucket hahaha) but whoever designed most of those seats are unfortunately not considering or understanding our required posture position and our health while driving.When we sit back into a sculpted seat or even in the back seat of a car where the whole seat is tilted upwards and slides us backwards, what happens on the inside of our body, as you can see in the second picture, is our pelvis goes into a Posterior Tilt Position, a very flat back and butt position and look!!I can actually remember the feeling of having to thrust myself forward to the front of the seat when I was sitting in the back seat of my parents’ car to have to talk to them. That’s so funny! Do you know what I mean, do you remember that? You kind of have to “heave ho!” to bring yourself to the front of the seat, and as I think about it now it’s totally because the seat was/is tilted upwards and therefore gravity automatically slid us backwards!You with me? It may have been some time since you last sat in the back seat of a car but for fun you should climb back there and see what you have to do to move your body forward. So what to do?How do we modify (“uncool”) our seats in our car and sit in the best way for our posture and health?Don’t worry, I won’t send you out to redesign your seats, instead here are a few easy steps you can follow below. 1) Step one, fill up that bucket!Take a few towels and fill up your seat in your car, so that when you sit into it your pelvis isn’t rolling forward or back, instead it is in a neutral position.2) Now what about the back rest? Does that matter?It sure does! Sorry to let you know, you need to straighten up that back rest.Let’s leave the race car cool driving position for the pros please.Think long spine or "soldier like" back position and try to keep your shoulders relaxed.3) How about our head position, where should it be?Our head rest needs to be in line with the back rest and the rest of the body.Go back to the first picture of Joe.Do you see how Joe’s ear is in line with his shoulders?Most headrests are tilting our heads forward and down. We need to let the head rest neutrally back. Think of bringing your chin slightly down and back.4) Last part of our car seat solution is our legs.Have you ever noticed that when we drive automatic our right leg is extended out and our foot may be pointed?That’s because we keep our car seat too far back from the pedals.How about your left leg? Is it bent closer to your seat?Well, it’s time to make some changes there too.Bring your seat in closer to your pedals.Your right foot should be in a relaxed position only moving a bit at the ankle when pressing the gas pedal  (except when fully depressing the gas and brake pedals to accelerate quickly or to come to a quick stop).Also, are you aware that most cars have a little resting pedal for our left leg to rest on? Let’s use it.This keeps both legs extended in almost the same position and therefore we can do less favouring to one side of the body over the other.Oh I almost forgot one more thing… are you a leaner?Do you lean on your center armrest or atop your passenger seat when you drive?Well, sorry it’s time to stop that too.When we lean to one side we are sliding our ribcage and head and neck to one side which is offsetting our posture once more!PS: That goes for all of us who hang half way out the window in summer time with one arm and consequently one side of our body! Hahaha I’m so guilty!!! So there you have it, a few easy quick steps on how you can improve your health, no extra time needed because you are already driving so why not do it in an optimal position?Btw, this position would be the same for plane rides.Their seats are ridiculously designed. I almost think they did it with their eyes closed but that’s neither here nor there.You have the solution now and you can use the same tips for your car seats in a plane, just bring along a carry-on blanket ;)I guarantee you will feel the difference in your neck, shoulders, back, knees, hips and even in the way you breath! Have a fantastic week ahead!Luv, Health Happiness and always more moving than sitting hopefully! PS: Please reserve the date below for our Special Zumba Event benefiting ICRF(Israel Cancer Research Fund)Together we can make a difference!Please share this flyer and Invite friends, family and new Zumbettes to come and have some Zumba fun with us!  

Please Please Me!

Hello Beauties!


There was definitely something ESPECIALLY good in the air this week.

Did you feel it too?

I don’t know if it was the anticipation of Valentine’s Day or the frigid weather

that just made me and others in my life more warm and fuzzy (or it could have been just me lol).

I received quite a few personal messages thanking me for what I do, my time, my efforts, my knowledge, my caring.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fortunate to hear thank yous from everyone I work with all the time, it just seemed like the messages were more personal, or like I said, maybe it was me appreciating it all so much more.

Either way, I have to say this came at a perfect time for me and it felt good!

Those messages inspired me and literally pushed me forward this week.

You see, I have finally begun to write my first Ebook.


It has been on my mind for years, and I just never took the leap. Well a couple of weeks ago I did it!

I committed to what began as 30 minutes 4 days a week of writing, to an hour 4 days a week, and for those of you who know me, sitting for that long is not something that comes easy for me but having this vision in my mind (of my project) is making it so much easier and super exciting!


Anyway, back to what I wanted to share today.

I will fill you in more about my book in a few weeks as things take shape, I promise!


So, back to praise and saying thank you.


These two little words got me thinking…

Have you ever wanted to say thank you to someone but felt shy and embarrassed?

Or have you ever felt that way when someone praised you?

Or better yet, have you ever wished someone did praise you for your efforts and said thank you more often?

You know, real thank yous, genuine heart felt, “I so appreciate everything you do. You are truly wonderful! Thank you for everything!”

I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.

I’m not the only one who has experienced these things. You have been there, right?


So I’m very curious as to why don’t we just ask for what we need, being on the “thank you” topic.

Why can we order a meal from a total stranger at a resto, giving specifics as to how we want it but not communicate how we would like to be praised by someone close to us?

My feeling is that when we share that intimate part of ourselves it can be uncomfortable and perhaps makes us look and feel “insecure” and God forbid should we look that way! ;)

I know as a woman, it’s not easy to ask for what we need.

Perhaps it’s programming? Culture? Who knows?

Doesn’t matter why, but it needs a makeover please!

Did you ever hear your mom say to you or your dad, “ I would really like you to praise me for cooking, cleaning, child rearing and making sure you eat everyday when you come home from work and school” and to be fair, have you ever heard your dad say “could you please appreciate and say thank you for all I go out to do and provide for the family financially every week?” (reverse the roles if it applies)

As I was thinking about this, I realize how every time I say a genuine thank you to someone their faces truly light up.

It really is a very courageous thing to let our inner circle (mates, friends, family) know what we need on the praise topic, don’t you think?

It takes trust and respect on both ends but I think when it is shared, we have an opportunity to really make someone so happy. If we know our friend needs this, well then we can make sure to pay attention to that.

It’s like knowing what someone you care for enjoys eating and making it for them.

Yes, I relate everything to eating! :)


Seriously though, did you know that studies show that addictions (food, drug, alcohol) often stem from the lack of praise, acknowledgment and recognition from parents.

Hearing “thank you” and “I’m proud of you” plays a really huge part on our psyches!


We are lucky if we have that person or people in our lives that appreciate everything we do and remind us with their sincere thank you at every chance.

Then again, there are probably also a few of those people that no matter what we try to do to please never whisper those two magical words.


Truth is, I think we are better at saying thank you than asking for it, so here’s a thought.

Today I thought I would propose the idea of taking a bit of responsibility in this respect.

Instead of feeling resentful or pissed off at the end of the day because of a lack of appreciation or praise, how about we respectfully, courageously, ask for what we need to make us feel good?

Not in a yelling “you neverrrrrr say thank uuuuuuu!!!” tone hahahaha!

Instead, in a real courageous conversation with someone we love and respect, ask for what we need and this week give a little extra “thank yous” out especially to those close to you.

We are already so good at thanking strangers.


As I close off, I want to say a very warm and fuzzy thank you to all of you reading my weekly tips and commenting back.

It means so much to me to contribute something that is useful and positive in our lives!

I’m really honoured (often amazed lol) that you take time to read my tips!

Thank you for coming to my classes which I bliss out teaching!

Thank you for being my posture clients and believing that you can live pain free in an aligned body!

Thank you for training with me and pushing your body to places that perhaps you never thought you could!

I also want to say thank you for being such wonderful sisters, great brothers, moms, dads, friends. Thank you for being you and know that you matter in my life and everyone else’s who you are a part of!


I wish you all a wonderful week ahead Beauties!

With Luv, Health, Happiness and Infinite Appreciation,



For the love of food

Hello Beauties!


Each week, not a day goes by that I'm not asked a question about nutrition.

Food is truly a huge part of our lives.

Planning, shopping, eating, cooking and on and on it goes!

I created my 30 Day Beautiful Body Program a couple of years ago to try to facilitate with the existing struggle we all have had (and perhaps still have) with food at one point or another.

To help people make the transition from thinking “How can I lose weight fast? What diet should I go on?" to "What lifestyle of eating do I want to have? How can I enjoy food and still be nourished from it? How can I drop fat and keep it off without starving myself?”

Integrating, understanding and guiding people back to enjoying food has many facets and layers.


The science of food matters.

Which foods give us energy?

Which foods help with decreasing inflammation in our bodies?

How much water and when should we drink it?

Do we choose organic, gluten free, sugar free, etc…

 I try to answer as many questions as possible and debunk some common myths about food as I guide you through my program.

Also, I support you daily through texts and emails.

After 30 days, the results always include amazing lifestyle changes, a greater understanding of your body and the impact that food has.

There are inches lost, an increase in energy, improved sleep, improved concentration, improved digestion and bowel movement  and mostly feeling happier and in an overall better mood!

So if we know we can gain all these amazing benefits from good nutritious eating, why aren't we doing it?


Why is obesity at an all time high? Why are most people eating themselves to illness?

Why is the number of people inflicted by "food related" preventable diseases ever increasing?

Ahhhhh well, we can say a lack discipline, no will power, lack of knowledge, poor influencing environments, increased stress and/or cheap availability of crappy boxed sugared foods.

There are so many real reasons out there but what I wanted to share with you today is a wonderful reminder and inspirational talk I heard from one of my amazing teachers "Yael Dworkin”.


As a teacher, I always feel the need to continue learning.

While I study everything under the sun about health, fitness and posture, biomechanics, human relations and psychology,

I am also a student of Torah (this is where I grow and learn more about my spiritual life) and Yael is one of the most incredibly fun, inspiring and educated teachers everrrr!


So, last week we spoke about food and the Devine energy in food and how we can connect with that Devine energy.

I'm sure that you aren't surprised that I was over the moon! Totally up my alley and in line with everything I teach! Happy happy happy!

She described an orange in such detail, to the point where my mouth was watering and my level of appreciation and awareness of that exquisite fruit was so magnified.

All I kept thinking of throughout our lesson was... imagine that if every time we took a bite or a sip of anything we ingested, we would have this consciousness, this awareness. I will try to do her description justice, here goes try to imagine this...

Think of the orchard from where the orange comes, the roots of the trees, the earth, the leaves and the energy in the trees ripening that orange, the process of the orange turning bright in color and the appeal it has on us, how this beautiful fruit is designed to share so perfectly and how each segment (she described) is almost like a whole orchard and each pit the potential of a whole other tree!

How amazing is that? How do you feel about an orange now? Well if you are anything like me, your appreciation has amplified!


Now I know at the same time you are thinking "seriously Vered, I don't have time to consider the depth of each thing I put into my mouth while I'm working, child rearing, cleaning, running errands etc etc. Life is friggin busy!" I know and I get it. Life is busy!

I just think that if we are already spending so much time on food anyway during the day, maybe we can just shift the thoughts once in a while.

Maybe we can slow down that train and take a few minutes before we eat to have a deeper appreciation for everything that is potentially in that food.

Imagine the level of enjoyment we can get from our food?

If we can slow down that inner beast that just goes " gobble gobble gobble" when we are hungry and eat with an awareness, do you think we would put everything we do into our amazing bodies and at the same speed, amount and for the same reason?

I can tell you from what I have experienced and noticed, that when I slow things down and chew every bite and remain present, appreciating my food, water, coffee (oh yes I even speak to my coffee, some of you have seen me do that!) etc the experience is soooo much more enjoyable.

So today I invite you to ask yourself a few questions Yael shared with us to ask ourselves before we eat:

1) What am I eating?

2) How am I eating?

3) How much am I eating?

4) Why am I eating?


I also invite you to take a few minutes while preparing your food.

Appreciate the sources it came from and perhaps possibly feel that Devine energy in it as it enters your body to give you life force and energy!


Have a beautiful week ahead!

I look forward to guiding my newest ladies on my "30 Day Beautiful Body Program" beginning this week!


Much Love & Bon appetite!


Health Benefits of Giving

Hello Beauties!

Back in Montreal, week 2 and things were rocking!

Seems like everyone is back from vacation, ready to get moving and focused.

I even took part in a wonderful Zumba fundraiser event. The first event of 2015 and what a way to start the year!

A room filled with beautiful energy, a new Bose sound system (I mention this because I so appreciate great sound) and we were all there to contribute to something which is greater than us collectively.

I couldn't help but have an overwhelming feeling of how we were accomplishing more than just raising the money.

I got teary eyed a few times just looking around knowing that each lady made so much effort to be there and how the energy in the room with everyone smiling and dancing was exceptionally powerful and loving.


I literally left there feeling like there's no better feeling than giving.

I actually started thinking that maybe I should work in fundraising lol (ok the thought passed quickly because I love what I do way too much but at that moment I totally understood why people do this as a living).

So many people said they felt like they were on a high after the event and obviously

my brain went straight to the question, "what are the health benefits of giving?"

What is that high feeling that people describe when they give of themselves?

So I did a little research and was so happy with what I found!


Allow me to share just a little of what I found...

A study done in Harvard business school found that giving money to someone else elevated the participants happiness more than spending it on themselves. Now we understand why we love buying gifts for others and see their faces light up, right?


Another study conducted by the National Institute of Health showed through brain MRI's that giving even had an effect on people's biology and activated the brain in the same regions associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust, creating the warm glow effect.


Science has also shown that altruistic behaviour releases endorphins and oxytocin (feel good hormones) in the brain resulting in the feeling described as,"helper's high".

How cool is that?

Think about it, every time you ask your child or mate to help you out, you are giving them an opportunity to experience this high! Ok I'm not sure if cleaning the yard, garage and doing chores in the house are included in the study but hey, I'm going with that (go ahead you can tell your families of the potential health benefits lol)


Other studies done in California at Berkley on different forms of generosity, found that elderly people who help others and volunteered tended to live longer than those who didn't volunteer.

They found that individuals who were supportive to friends, gave advice to relatives, friends, neighbours or gave emotional support to their spouses also improved their health and longevity!

Amazingly another study done at John Hopkins university showed that people who gave of themselves financially or of their time,had lower blood pressure and reduced stress levels resulting in once again, better health and longevity!


Want to hear more cool stuff about giving?

When we give to others, we don’t only make them feel closer to us, we also feel closer to them. “Being kind and generous leads you to perceive others more positively and more charitably,” writes Lyubomirsky in her book "The How of Happiness", and this “fosters a heightened sense of interdependence and cooperation in your social community.”


Truth is, I really didn't need any studies to prove  to me that giving is wonderful!

I have felt it firsthand and I know you have as well!

Giving can be through kind words, sensitive gestures, a hug, a shoulder to lean on, an open heart that listens to a friend in need, a quick text letting someone know you are thinking of them.

Giving is an expression of Love and when you give to people you don't know (interestingly) I find giving takes on a different shape. It's almost attached to hope of a better future, belief in humanity, love of the planet, our home we live in and so on. Do you feel that way?


This week, I want to send out a special thank you to all the ladies who came and gave so generously, and to Beth Moscovic and Shauna Joyce for inviting me to be a part of Hebrew Academy's fundraiser for their Special Needs program which helps so many children who need more individualized learning and attention towards a wonderful education!


Putting together any fundraiser event takes so much courage, the feeling of "will people come to my party" is constantly running through one's head but the truth is when you are driven by a purposeful cause and have devoted people involved, success is inevitable!

Bravo ladies, you did an amazing job!!!


So now that we know all the wonderful health benefits of giving,maybe next time we have the need to do some retail therapy,

perhaps taking our BFF along on and splurging on them is a good idea ;)


Have a wonderful week ahead!

I look forward to sharing in more opportunities to give together!

Stay tuned for our Zumba Fundraiser for Israel Cancer Research coming in March.


Luv, Health and Happiness Always,


It's all about the Gut

Happy Sunday Beauties!


Hippocrates said it thousands of years ago, "all disease begins in the stomach".

Smart guy, because it's true! So question, how does your tummy feel on a daily basis?


Do you know that 70-80% of your immune system response is a reflection

of what is happening in your GI tract?

That is the system responsible for digesting foods, absorbing nutrients and expelling the wastes.

Have a look at the pic below:



This may seem like a little system but it's really amazing in there!

Did you know that your gut is home to 100 trillion micro-organisms?

Most of us can't even begin to fathom how much that is! I know I couldn't till I read this easy to understand explanation. One trillion dollar bills laid end-to end would go from the earth to the sun!!!

So now imagine 100 times that and you can begin to get the picture of what 100 trillion is!

That is a busy digestive system, quite the party, right?

This is called the gut flora.

The gut flora, among other things, promotes normal intestinal function. It protects us from infection, helps regulate our metabolism and like I said, comprises about 70-80% of our immune system!


One more fun fact? Our gut contains 10 times more bacteria than all of the human cells in our entire body!

Have I grossed you out yet? LOL yes, there is a lot of bacteria living inside of us!

So what are a few things we can do to keep our gut flora healthy?

If we know today that 70-80% of our immune system begins at gut level, what are we doing about that?

If we have digestive issues, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea or any abnormal discomforting responses when we eat, we need to take a look inside because obviously a weakened immune system can lead to so many other more unhealthy conditions we really DO NOT want!


So today I will share 3 things you could do to improve the health of your GI tract (the flora and the barrier keeping it all in)


1- Add water and quality foods to your diet and avoid grains, sugars and packaged (processed) foods.

I know this is a no-brainer and you've heard it before, but most of us are only motivated to eat better when we want to drop inches and pounds. If we could only understand that we will be gaining years of quality health and an overall improved immune system response (preventing disease and illness)... wouldn't AVOIDING that drive-throughs, that quick microwaved frozen packaged meal and that sugary daily desert, breads and pastries be worth it?

So, add more wild fish, eggs, avocados, nuts, sweet potatoes, veggies, fruits and personally, I choose organic when and where it s available. PS: Once in a while a small treat won't damage your stomach but daily or even weekly binges can cause a lot of damage!


Btw If you would like more detailed information on how to have a personalized healthy daily diet, please ask me about my

“30 Day Beautiful Body Program” where I guide and support you for 30 days and dispel any myths about health and food.


2- If you suffer from any of the above described conditions, creating a calm environment inside and reducing stress is tip #2.

Take time to breath during your busy day. I know you are saying to yourself, "what are you talking about, I am obviously breathing Vered". While that is true, there is breathing and then there is breathing. The type I'm referring to is the kind where you inhale and your tummy expands and when you exhale it softens and drops. You can do this while laying in bed in the morning and evening or even during your day while driving your kids to school (may be a good time lol).

Teach your children to breath this way. Refer back to my Dec 14 tip "3 reasons you should stop sucking in your stomach" tip.

An easy way to try proper breathing is by laying on your back with your hands on your belly, your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.


3- Another way to improve the health of your GI tract is to eat fermentable fibers like sweet potatoes, yams, yucca etc.

Also, fermented foods like organic quality yogurts, kefir, sauerkraut, kim chi, or take a high quality probiotic.

These are all great ways to help restore some of what we require in our gut.

Remember, these suggestions are for those of you who suffer from digestive issues. It also applies to those of you that pop antacids regularly and/or take prescribed meds for stomach pain relief or maybe you just feel like everything you eat just doesn't sit well with you.


I hope this begins to open up some new possibilities for you and your families intestinal health.

It has been shown that when we have allergies and food intolerances, the intestinal barrier that was supposed to keep the foods in and out (literally) may have leaks, thereby allowing toxins in that it should be kept out and those leaks, if not repaired, can lead to countless conditions and intolerances not only gut issues.


The number one place we could all start when looking at improving our health and our families' health

 is to start examining what are we putting into our precious bodies.


Have a beautiful week ahead & I look forward to boogeeing and moving with all of you!!

Luv, Health & Happiness Always,



PS: Don't forget about our fundraiser event Tuesday evening! Book those babysitters :)))

Health & Fitness Goals

Heeeeello Beauties, I'm back and ready to kick 2015 into gear!!

Are you?

How are you all doing?

Are you excited about the year ahead?

I sure am.

As my vacation comes to an end, I've started onto my yearly ritual of goal and intention setting and looking forward to what I'm wanting to achieve this year. How many of you are on the same page as me?

Have you ever set goals and intentions before?

The way I like to see goal setting is similar to putting an address into my GPS app.

I set it up and enter where I'm heading.

I look at the different options of getting there, then I choose the way I want to get there.

If along the way there is traffic or construction, I know that I can choose another route or I may be rerouted.

But imagine if I just got into my car and drove without a determined destination.

While I may have lots of adventures...well you get the picture right?

So this year I was thinking I would share my process with all of you who are interested in setting your

2015 goals for your HEALTH & FITNESS.

What do you think?



Would you be interested in working with me on setting your vision of where you want to be this year?

How do you want to feel health-wise in 2015?

How do you want to look?

How many times a week would you like to workout, stretch, get active and moving, alone or with your family and friends?

Is there a race you have been dreaming of doing?

How will you achieve it? Do you have a plan, the means, the support?

Well that's what I'm offering you this year!

Are you in? Does this excite you? If it does, then I want to work with you!


Let me show you how I have helped many other people transform their bodies, gain abundant energy, increase their level of health and achieve an overall improvement of their quality of life!

Alright, soooo... send me a note if you are interested in setting your 2015 Health and Fitness Plan and I will send you details next week on how we will get started ASAP!


Because this is the first time I'm offering this program to a group rather than one-on-one, it will be available to a limited number of people. How much longer will you settle, feeling frustrated about your health?

Is 2015 going to be the year you take action? I hope so :)

Let's do this together!

I'm waiting to hear back from you!


Much Love, Health & Happiness!

Looking forward to getting back to the  boogie with all of you this week!!!!


Top Ten Things I Know…

Hello Beauties!

As I sit here writing this week's tip, the sun is caressing my shoulders, the sounds are calming, my niece is drawing a picture to match my tip, (as you can see below) and as I look out into what is a beautiful lush eye pleasing scene from my sister's patio, I remember having written last week, "next week my view will be completely different".

Last week seems so long ago and I'm laughing to myself because today I wanted to take a look back on 2014 to share what I have learned and I know there is noooo way I can remember back to January!

So instead, I will list 10 things I have gained a deeper understandings of over the past year, no dates required!



Here I go, get ready for the potential cheesiness! Click here to read more.



No effort or energy put out is ever a waste or a loss.

Have you ever put effort into something or someone with a desired goal in mind and come out feeling unsuccessful?

Well I have, and I'm sure I will feel this way again. Truth is, when we are focused on outcome we often miss the joy or the messages in the journey.

As a therapist and coach I am very clear on the concept that everyone has their own journey and their own pace.

In theory, that is so much easier than in practise because as "Vered", I truly want people to see how miraculous their bodies are or can be.

I want them to put in the daily effort, and then I want them to totally trust and adore their amazing bodies and Voila, see and feel the results yesterday!

Obviously I'm aware that is a bit fairytale"ish" and at the end of 2014 I sit here with a deeper, calmer knowing and understanding, that whatever energy and effort I put out, no matter what the outcome I can see, it is never a loss because that person is exactly where they need to be for their own journey, as I am.



We are exactly where we need to be.

This is a continuation of #1 because I want to give it the attention I think it deserves.

This concept of being exactly where we need to be, besides being very comforting to me, is also a very fluid ever-changing thought to me.

Let me try to explain what I mean.

I don't see accepting where we are as a limiting, "I'm here and not moving" sort of concept.

I see it as, "I'm here, how do I soak everything out of where I am, learn grow and appreciate it all, so I can move onto what is next for me."

It's very normal to want to be at the next step, stage of whatever we are focusing on.

Whether physically, emotionally, spiritually, if you are someone like me and you love learning and growing this is something you will easily relate to.

Literally the month after I opened my clinic, I wanted a bigger one! Was I ungrateful or dissatisfied? Not for a second!

It's just normal and automatic for me, as it may be for you, to see potential in the future.

After reflecting, I obviously came to realize that the size of my clinic was indeed just what I needed at this time and I was happy to be exactly where I was, dreaming and seeing a future that included a much larger clinic sometime very soon.



Our relationships bring so much joy and meaning to our lives.

Again, this is definitely NOT a new belief of mine and this year I was clearly reminded of it.

I have met some of the most incredible people throughout this year.

People who have courageously changed their lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Friendships have formed and I'm even lucky enough to have some of them as clients!

Also, this year some of my already cherished relationships have grown and deepened and my heart is filled with appreciation knowing that.

The level of joy and satisfaction I receive from my relationships, new and old is truly indescribable. My family, friends, clients are truly what I adore and cherish. Being around like-minded people who you respect and love, who you grow and share with, who notice your greatness and you notice theirs.

What could be better? One thing I can clearly remember from 2014 are the precious moments I shared with people I love.

The intimate and delicate conversations and I'm so looking forward to continued love and connection with all of them and anyone new that I am blessed to connect with in 2015!



Living out our dreams takes daily work.

So putting the mush aside now, no matter what our dreams are, one thing that I know for suuuure is that it's daily work!

Everyone's "work" is different. I am very aware that effort looks different for everyone so no comparing please.

Whether your vision is of a healthy happy family, a new business idea, a new career, renewed health, a transformed body, learning a new language or becoming a better musician or artist, it all takes work to make it happen.

So write it down. This is the perfect time to begin the dreaming again. The days will be getting longer and brighter!

What do you want for your health in 2015? What do you want for your career in 2015? How do you see your relationships evolving or strengthening?

You may have spiritual goals, financial goals. Whatever they may be, they require energy, thought and action! Get on it today.

Try one thing that will bring you closer to what you want.

For example, one of my goals is to reach more people with Posture Alignment Therapy education so I have set myself a goal of at least 4 seminars that I will plan to host in the upcoming year.

So step 1:

Be clear on your goal. See my above statement.

Step 2:

Create an attainable daily action plan.

Today I will set the potential dates of my lectures.

Tomorrow I will detail the first event that will happen in 2015.

Over the next few weeks I will send out invitations and spread the word.

Daily small actions to get me closer to the bigger dream of educating more people on how amazing they can feel in their body when it is Pain Free!

Sadly more often than not, a dream remains a dream if all we do is keep dreaming about it, so get on it!



Move as much as you can everyday.

One thing I have to say I believe in more than ever before is that moving our bodies all day long will bring us as much benefit (or potentially more) as a daily hourly workout. What do I mean by that?

Am I saying ditch your workout? NOOOO! I'm saying that very often we think that an hour-long workout can undo the damages of what sitting or standing on one spot all day does but unfortunately it doesn't. So if you are a "sitter or stander" whether in your career or at home, you need to move hourly.

Get up, walk around, check out my posture video tips here that you can easily incorporate in any environment every hour or two and you will prevent long term damage from occurring.

Another thing I notice about this is that besides being healthier, the people who do move all day long seem to be in better spirits and have more long lasting energy throughout the day.



Take time to just be quiet everyday.

This doesn't have to be an hourly meditation practise in a yoga pose. It can be the 10 minute quiet, noise free drive you take in your car.

Try turning off your radio, no phone calls, no distractions, breath and enjoy the quiet space.



The thoughts you put in your heart and mind is as important as what you eat.

We are hyper aware of food and exercise, yet we have no problem listening to bad news 3 times a day, talking about it over and over again, or gossiping, complaining, criticizing ourselves and others, and inputting far from uplifting healthy thoughts and conversations into our brains and hearts.

Don't get me wrong, we all need to vent and it does have some benefit to our overall health (my friends and family can vouch for that lol).

What I propose is that we notice what energy the words we use carry most of the time. What is our self talk? Does it sound like healthy self talk?

Remember, what you input as thoughts and words into your heart and mind is as important as your next meal!



Stay Open to New Possibilities

This is vital in my opinion.

We know what we know and we are so sure about so many things in our lives that sometimes that can close us up to change, growth and learning.

I like to remind myself of inventions like flying, driving, going into space, the telephone or even the concept that people once thought the world was flat.

When people have something to say or a suggestion, staying open to potentially new possibilities is so helpful for our own growth, not to mention respecting them lol. Very often we fear what we don't know, so we can be critical, rather maybe we can choose to try it on for size for a day or two and see how it feels. We never know what we may discover.



A Daily Appreciation list is right up there with drinking enough water.

I think that I probably mention this in every weekly tip in some way or another. hahahaha

It's because the ritual of listing each evening what we appreciate (regardless if it was a crappy day or the most outstanding one) is one of the best and important things we can do for our overall health. Yes, I said it! It is right up there with "drinking water and moving!".

Again, this is a try it on and see for yourself how you feel after a week of doing so.

For those of you courageous ones, try it out at your dinner table with your families or in bed at the end of the night with your mate.

Notice what happens after a week or two!



What you know for sure

The floor is yours! I would love to hear from all of you.

I want to know one thing you feel you know for sure!

With your permission, I would love to share them with all my readers next week and even post them on my site. With your name or anonymously. I know many of you are so brilliant and wise because I have had amazing exchanges with you and I love the idea of sharing all we know with one another.

Don't you?

This could be our way to make our world a better place. So please share away!

Feel free to even ask your children what they would like to share.

Sometimes the most brilliant things come from children!


Wishing you all an amazing week ahead.

I will be enjoying family time and hopefully lots of sun!

Have an amazing New Year's Eve!!

Luv, Health, Happiness, Laughter, and lots on Mooooooooving and Grooooving in 2015 to all!!


Hello Beauties!

Hello Beauties!

As I sit here writing, looking at all the white outside, I can't help thinking that by next week I will be doing the same

yet I will be gazing appreciatively at palm trees in my sister's backyard...

I'm so excited to be together with her again!

It usually takes a day or two to get each others rhythm, and then it just gels and its like we were living together again as children but waaaaay better.

Mostly because I think I'm less of the younger sister pest hahaha, I think?


Before I take a break I often feel a mix of emotions, "can't wait to go coupled with how can I go?"

Especially when there is a momentum going on in my life.

Truth is, I believe and know that time off and rest is essential for our health for many reasons, a few of which I'll share here today.


3 Reasons Why We Need Rest and Time Off:


1) Do you know that our hormonal health is very tied in to how rested we are?

In other words, have you been feeling less than frisky lately?

Has it been a long time since you woke up echemm excited?

Well, chances are you may be nothing more than pooped!

"Honey, I'm too tired" is really the truth!

So take a look at how much sleep or rest you are getting before you begin questioning or worrying about anything else.

I know that staying up watching your favourite TV series is so tempting and I have been there as well… but truth is when we have a solid 7-8 hours of good quality sleep in comparison to a short 4-5 hours of interrupted sleep, we wake up with an added, "something something feeling" :)

One way to really get your "sexy back" is stay in bed longer ;)


2) How has your digestion been lately?

In the presence of high stress and not enough rest and recovery for our bodies, we can overproduce cortisol.

Chronically overproducing cortisol can lead to poor digestion, lowered immunity and infection.

If you eat really well at least 80% of the time, and yet you still feel like you’re often bloated or have irregular bowel movements (often too loose or too hard) your hormones may be on overload and you may be needing some time off to just rest, in order to help with your digestion.

Another thing that can help, is to have a bit more of your carbohydrates (sweet potatoes, quinoa my personal favourites) in the evening.

I know you have all heard no carbs at night but studies have found that not to be true with good quality ones.

I'm not saying go have some pizza and fries for dinner!

Quality carbohydrates at dinner will help with digestion and better quality sleep.


3) How creative, inspired and energetic have you been feeling lately?

How have your moods been?

Do you notice that your "light” or “zest for life" is kind of waning up and down?

Do you go through all the motions of doing everything you need to do yet still come out feeling dissatisfied or disconnected? Like, " how did I get here?" kind of feeling.

It may be time for a break!

One of the best things I love about vacation and time off is that it's an opportunity for me to recharge my battery, rejuvenate while dreaming, and re-energize while creating. I feel like there is this huge space to connect to my "calling" again when the daily routine gets interrupted.

I know it sounds cheesy and deep but it's true for me.

Whether you run your own business or your own household, it requires a ton of creativity and energy to keep things fun and on a good track right?

We all want to show up fully and wholeheartedly to our mates, families, friends and clients but if we are feeling like we are at the end of our candle wick, "burned out" how can we?

I don't really get to the point of feeling burned out at one time of year like many of you do but I understand the feeling because I have weeks when I feel like," oh yeah I'm done, I need sleep, rest and cocooning time!!!"

We all experience the same emotions, they only come in different packages, I guess.

One thing I know is when I do take a holiday that takes me out of my usual routine and environment, I only notice once I'm there how much I really needed it. Isn't that funny? Does that happen to you?

It's kind of like excitement keeps me going and then its like, "omg this is soooo awesome. How could I have possibly thought I didn't need this?”

Welcome to the crazy in my head hahahaha!!



I wish you all a wonderful time off!

May you all feel the uplifting benefits of re-energizing and rejuvenating in whichever way you can.

There isn't one way to feeling rested, there is only your way that works best for you at this time in your life. Try to take time to find out what it really is.

Notice how you feel before and after you are rested or took time off, and then you can make choices throughout your year that perhaps can give you the same feelings.

For me, my daily posture stretches serve to be my "mini vacations".

Perhaps for you it may be a bath, a glass of wine, a great book, journaling, praying, playing an instrument, going for a walk, training hard, Zumba class, or just sitting and breathing deeply for a few minutes throughout your day.

Whatever or however you get there, know that rest and time off is always available and necessary for all of us.


Next week I’ll be writing a 2014 appreciation Health Tip from my vacation spot and I hope to receive lots of feedback and input from everyone, in hopes of making it more interactive (yes, for those of you who know me well, it's time to make the appreciation list of 2014!)


I'm happy to say I will be following my own advice (it happens sometimes lol) and will be away

Dec 24-January 7th.

Classes resume Friday morning 9:30am January 9th 2015, I'm so excited for 2015!!!


PS: I know this week many of you are already away, so in order for me to give a few classes this coming week I need confirmations please.

Please send me an email or text at 514 386 9789 to which classes you are 100% certain to attend.

Monday 9:30am

Monday 8:15pm

Wed 9:30am


Much Luv, Health & Happiness,


3 Reasons why you should stop sucking in that belly"

It's that time of year where we are enjoying all the yumminess the holidays, parties and vacations bring.

Food comas galore, late nights, sweets and wine and all the fun stuff that the celebrations include.

Guess what else it brings?

Yep, you got it, a few extra inches and a lovely bloated feeling lol…

and hey, maybe the pleasure is worth 1-2 extra pounds, what do you think?


But, holidays end, and then what?

Well we all usually want to "crash diet and get fit NOW!” and every marketing company knows it!

We are flooded with ads promising us ways to lose belly fat, how to flatten our tummies, how to lose those extra holiday inches fast and most of us will sadly jump in and believe it.

Don't get me wrong I'm all for making positive changes, but science and statistics have proven "the get skinny fast schemes are recipes for complete failure and totally perfect for getting fatter!"


We seem to be very focused on flattening our tummies as a society. Having flat abs is something I get asked about at least 2-3 times a day and so that's what I wanted to talk about today.

Do you ever suck in your "belly"? Is it intentional or just on automatic pilot now?

Have you ever tried to squeeze into jeans that are so tight that you are pouring out over them?

Have you ever worn a girdle, Spanx, or any other "tummy flattening product designed to make women look and feel echemmm "better".

Or have you ever been to a fitness class where the instructor tells everyone to suck and squeeze their gut in?

Take a look at the picture below please.



Where exactly do we think we are sucking it all into?


Have you ever wondered where it goes when you bring it in and since there's lots of "stuff” in there, if we suck it in, where are those organs going all day long?

Do you notice any extra space in there? NOOOOO check it out.

It is jammed packed in there with all this amazing stuff that well, to put it simply, keeps us alive!


Let me tell you just some of what all this "sucking in" is resulting in these days…


1) About 70% of the population these days have digestive issues.

Approximately, 60% percent are chronically constipated, seeking professional advice on how to correct this and most are on some type of medication, special "diet" or expensive supplementation to correct this issue.

Sadly, the mechanical environment is very often left out of the solution.


 2) When we "suck in” the mass on our belly it displaces what is behind our belly, our guts are constantly getting pushed upwards and very often can cause hernias, tight hips and spinal issues.

Yet, some of us are doing (and teaching) this thinking, the more I squeeze my belly and buttocks, the stronger my "core" (don't get me started on that word) will be, and then the less prone I will be to back injuries.

Sorry to tell you but you are creating more back issues than you know!

We have curves in our spine and they are meant to naturally always be there.


3) Have you ever considered how you breath when you are "sucking in" your belly?

Well, truth is it is very shallow.

The breath is up top around our chest cavity and can very often lead us to feeling anxious or short of breath.

All of a sudden we think we are having an anxiety attack and we need to seek help when actually what we really need to do is relearn how to breath, relax our ribcage and our bellies.

One of the first things I do in Pain and Posture Therapy is reteach my patients how to breath properly.

Most often its is a very uncomfortable feeling, no one likes sticking our their tummies hahaha.


LET IT GO! (You can sing it if you like LOL)


So if you want to try to have better digestion, have stronger, more functional abdominals, and feel more relaxed try this easy to do breathing exercise. I would even teach the rest of the family how to do this type of breathing. Children have a blast with this! Don't worry about it being perfect, just creating awareness on relaxing the belly is a good thing to start with.


So try this now. Go ahead try it!


a) Lay on your back, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor.

b)Tilt your chin upwards, gently lengthening your neck.

c) Now place your hands on your belly.

d) Take a deep breath in through your nose and push your belly up towards the ceiling.

    Think of expanding your belly like a balloon (you are taking in the good stuff, Oxygen)

e) Now release all that breath through your mouth and let your belly totally soften and release

    (you are releasing Carbon Dioxide, the stuff we don't want)


Try these practice breaths 5 times in a row and as often as you like during your day.

They may be especially useful when you are about to "lose it" while entertaining, shopping or cooking during the holidays lol!


Don't worry if you get a bit dizzy, it's actually a good sign. Most likely your head is getting a good dosage of oxygen and perhaps it has been deprived of it for a while due to shallow breathing.

Attempt doing this type of breathing while sitting, standing and even moving.

When you begin doing this while sitting, standing and moving, pay attention to your shoulders and ribcage.

Try to drop them down and relax them.


I wish you all a fantastic holiday season!

May our hearts be filled up with love of family and friends. May our eyes see miracles unfold, and may we all hear music and laughter throughout this fantastic time of year.

Much Luv, Health and Happiness,


 O.P.E.N…with Vered

Hello Beauties, I hope you are enjoying your weekend :)

Every Sunday morning I sit back to reflect upon the week that passed and share with you something that I hope you may find beneficial in your own life.

My coffee mug is warm, my water is cool and the sun is shining brightly through my window.

Here I go...


Last week we spoke about how pain is always a signal to be listened to.

That our amazing bodies have built-in systems to communicate with us.

That by numbing those signals, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual pain is a temporary symptomatic type of treatment and not, in my opinion, going to lead us to a long-term solution.

I also shared that as a Posture Alignment Therapist, I look at the body as a whole and that where pain shows up, it is rarely the source. That the entire problem lies mostly due to the fact that the body works as a whole and by treating one part on it's own often disregards the effects that have been happening to the rest of the body.

This seemed to resonate with many of you on different levels and I have received a lot of feedback for which I have to say made me sooooo happy.

Knowing that we are like-minded and that so many of you out there are interested in looking deeper into finding real solutions to pain, inspires me to keep this conversation alive!

So thank you for all of your input and your participation in what I consider to be meaningful moments.


A few things stick out when I look back on this past week.

One, my "Live Pain Free" seminar, and a few paradigm shifts I was so lucky to share with friends and clients.

Several of my friends shared with me some amazing moments where they had been seeing things one way for so long and then through doing some "work", the paradigm shifted and now they see things in a completely different way which not only gave them "pain" relief and happiness, but brought a whole new level of excitement and hope to their lives!

How awesome is that???


When I do any type of seminar or teaching, I try to leave people with mostly one thing, and if I can achieve that I'm thrilled!

For a lack of having the perfect words, the message I want to come through is that the possibilities for us as humans are limitless, and all we need to do to experience this is to open up to trying and learning.

I once heard from one of my teachers, "what we don't know can harm us" and when it comes to learning, I agree.

"I want to know"  Lol!

In every way, physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally etc… exploring a bit more everyday can be fun, uplifting, mind opening, frustrating, scary, (pretty much every emotion in the book) and it does take effort on our part.

I love being a part of that journey with you and you are a part of my journey as well, so thank you!


So that's what today's message is about.

Being open to accepting and learning something completely different than perhaps what we have come to know or have been taught.

Funny, I watched a good movie this weekend called "I Origins" that brought this up along with a great story. I totally recommend it!

It's how transformations begin, in my opinion.

It's really hard to say to ourselves, "I don't know, what I don't know."

You still with me?

We first need to be willing to say, "Am I seeing the whole picture? What am I missing here? Is there more to this than I'm aware of?".

These statements take courage, guts, energy, strength and faith because when we ask the questions, answers begin to follow.

Then it's our job to do the work. To do the sifting through as to what sounds right to us, to try it on for size, so to speak.


So the word of the day is OPEN and I thought we could have a bit of fun with it.


O… Opportunity for Optimism (Double your O's!)

We always have that choice.

To choose how I will look at this? What is the opportunity in looking at this in an optimistic way?

What do I need to look at in myself and how can the goodness come out of this?


P… Potential

What is the potential in this? This is a very empowering question, don't you think?

We can choose to ask in a powerless way, "why me?" or attempt to seek our deep potential.

This is often easier said than done. In very challenging moments it's close to impossible to go there when all we want to do is crawl into our beds and cry. I'm not saying (and I know from experience) that this isn't an automatic response to challenges. What I'm offering is that it can be a potential opportunity once the shock has worn off and our tears have been shed.


E… Embrace the Enlightenment

Now with your new found knowledge, your exhibited courage to try, you can give yourself a big hug.

Acknowledging your growth, your willingness to attempt new solutions, different thoughts, new actions, acknowledge YOU!

Take some time to see YOUR growth and give yourself a great big squish!

You can't just keep "Beating Betty Down" when she is trying, it's not JUST about the results.

Actually, the results will evidently change when your actions or patterns slowly do as well.



N… Nurture

Nurture an open environment of thinking. One way to crush this is criticism. So avoid it like the plague.

Even if an idea that your child, mate, friend or workmate proposes may sound idiotic to you, remember, so did the idea of flying a

huge apparatus in the air with people in it, at one time!

Anything is possible!


I wish you all a beautiful week ahead!

Health and Happiness and new possibilities!

Much Luv,


30 November , 2014

Happy Sunday Beauties, how are you all doing?

I've just finished filming my small video invitation to my "Live Pain Free" seminar that I am hosting next week. I'm so excited to share with all of you the possibilities of living a "Pain Free" life!


What I wanted to touch on today is a topic that I will expand on in the seminar.

"The site of pain is rarely where the problem is".

What does this mean?

Well, basically this is one of the differences between posture therapy and other forms of localized therapy treatments.

For example, if you come to my clinic suffering from neck or back pain I will not be focusing solely on that part of the body. In Posture Alignment Therapy we focus on the whole body, how it's all connected, the joints and their positions.

Why, you ask?

The simple and logical answer is because everything in our body is connected and looking and treating the one part that hurts means that it functions on its own and we all know that is the furthest thing from the truth.

That is why so many people are left feeling frustrated and hopeless after having spent countless hours and a ton of money on repeated weekly treatments which focus on symptoms rather than the source of the problem.

As a Posture Alignment Therapist we use a phrase, "It's never the condition, it's always the position."

This is a very powerful statement because it means that with the right guidance and education we can always change the position of our bodies but "diagnosed conditions" can be limiting and take away hope and possibility for change and recovery.


Pain is a signal, it's not the whole truth. Does that make sense?

Pain is transmitted through our sensory pathway to the central nervous system where the message is interpreted. The message is received and acted upon almost simultaneously.

The body then immediately (almost in an insta second) responds and begins taking you out of a position that is painful. This response begins to create many compensating postural positions.

Did I lose you?

I know this is a lot to absorb so I won't go on any further but I highly encourage you to begin questioning how your body compensates in order to survive "the pain".

How long will you keep on living like that?

We are not meant to just "get by". We are meant to strive and live pain free joyous lives.

Come and see what possibilities are in store for you next Thursday!



I wish you all a great week ahead and look forward to exploring more of how we can feel amazing in our bodies with you!

Much Luv,


23 November, 2014

Happy Sunday Beauties!


I'm so excited to be hosting my first "Live Pain Free" seminar!


If you have ever been in pain or suffered any injury you will totally get how frustrating, painful and life changing pain can be.

I'm here to tell you that there are solutions that will bring your body back to optimal health which will allow you to live "Pain Free".

Most people believe their diagnosed condition saying, " I have arthritis, I have scoliosis, I have heel spurs, I have tendonitis, I have fibromyalgia, I have sciatica" it goes on and on and I'm not saying these conditions don't exist.

What I am saying is that in the Posture Alignment Method that I teach, we don't focus on condition, we focus on position.

What does that mean you ask?

Well, if your body is constantly rotated to the left and your feet are averted (turned out) when you walk and one shoulder is higher than the other (look in the mirror), we know this will inevitably cause some type of pain at some point in your life.

I'm glad you asked why! For the logical reason that a body is designed to move and exist in proper alignment.

You weren't born with one leg shorter than the other but why does your pant leg drag more on one leg than the other?

You weren't born with a bad left knee but why does one knee blow and the other one doesn't? Do you get what I'm saying?

Basically, every muscle has a job to do in our bodies and in fact a very specific job.  So when one muscle isn't doing its job other muscles try to compensate, thereby becoming stronger or longer or tighter. This is where pain and breakdown, replacements and operations begin to happen.

But do you know what we are doing when we deal with only the area of pain?

We are dealing with a symptom.

Remember, everything is connected, right? So if your knee is being worked on without regard to the joints above and below (hips and shoulders), you may be left feeling great after a session with your favorite therapist and then a week later back to the same pain and problem. Like everything in life, we exist as a whole and our bodies function as a whole as well.

That is what Posture Alignment Therapy is all about.


I have been treating clients one-on-one in my clinic and in their homes but it's kind of been a well kept secret lol.

I feel a huge desire to get the word out on a larger scale.

The ability to heal our bodies without medication is something we all need to understand and can learn about.

With this knowledge, we can then choose to willingly take our health into our own hands through daily prescribed posture exercises.

I want to share the possibilities of this method with all of you because I know it can change your lives as it has many of those I have treated.

So on December 4th, 2014 I will be hosting a seminar.

If you suffer from any pain or know anyone who does, whether its from an injury or chronic pain, I can help.

By the way, even if you don't have any pain but you are an avid exerciser like I am, Posture Alignment Positions (Stretches) are an excellent way to prevent any injuries from happening in the future.

We can't just pound on our bodies day after day and expect it not to need some reconnecting, realignment and educated stretch time.

Please spread the word and pass this message on to anyone you know who is in pain. You could change the way they are living their lives!


Please fill out the form below.  This way I can answer as many questions as possible you may have in my Free seminar on Dec 4th.


I wish you all a fantastic week ahead!

Luv, Health & Happiness,



PS: I hope to see some of your lovely faces today at our Fundraiser

Blue Ribbon Therapy Dogs

2070 Chartier Ave. Dorval, Quebec H9p 1H2

2pm-4:30pm (stay as long as you can! but come please!!!)


16 November, 2014 - Passion!

Happy Sunday Beauties!


Today I want to share a bit about passion. Let me show you what it looks like...



(btw I have the 14 minute unedited version for those of you who would like to see it from A-Z)


That's my nephew at three years old pretty much giving a dissertation of an encyclopedia of dinosaurs.

I couldn't pronounce most of those words today without great difficulty and not only did he

recite them but he described them, discussed them and could teach you all details about them!

Just to make things clear, neither my brother nor sister-in-law were dinosaur experts (or at least weren’t at the time) lol.

Like many parents, they believed in exposing their children to books books books and Voila!

A luv and passion was sparked!


I really believe luv and passion coupled with the right dose of "I don't care what people will think of me" attitude is one of the keys to joy and happiness and consequently good long-lasting health.

We can eat, sleep, drink, exercise perfectly daily, but if the joy in our hearts isn't illuminated through love and passion, my belief is that optimally the health equation won't be completed.


Do you ever catch yourself watching your children dancing, acting silly, playing, singing, making belief, talking about cars for hours, birds, princesses, bikes, music with such robust vigour? How do we react? Do we tell them to keep it to a min, keep that enthusiasm down?

Do we say things like, "relax, people are watching!"?

Well of course we do, we all do, we are human and no one wants to be made fun of, and many parents want to save their children from "societal shame and embarrassment”, right?

But wait, is that encouraging what I will call passing down the "passion gene"?

Or do we try to tame it and turn it into something we are comfortable with?


The beauty of children is that they are so authentic and in their own beautiful worlds that they are so ok with shining their inner light soooo bright that everyone around them melts in adoration of their cuteness, boldness, daringness, and straight up "I am who I am-ness"!


So today, as we continue to go inward into our winter months, perhaps at the same time we can encourage our family and friends and ourselves to go outwards.

Does that mean you have to be loud and be all over Facebook or youtube? NO certainly not!

To me, it just means to remind ourselves that we are born unique, there is NO ONE exactly like us! How cool is that? You are truly my "one and only!" :))

We are amazed at how each snowflake is different, the incredible projects at school on display, yet each of us possess such a uniqueness as well! Where are the cut-outs of that on our school walls?





E…Explore your interests, you don't have to think about completion or perfection or profession because that often stops us from trying. Just go out there and explore what you have always wanted to. Try that dance class, that painting class, that microbiology course, that fashion design seminar you were interested in. For no other reason except for exploring and joy and if people ask you why, answer because it makes me happy and smile.


M…Mistakes, make room for them. Don't expect mastery in a day. Enjoy the journey and the natural progression that unfolds as you dive into passions and interests. Keep things light. When we are passionate its easy to get intense and I actually love when that feeling comes as long as it doesn't stop you from continuing on. Imagine how many great inventions would have not come to life had it not been for mistakes and a space for error?


B… Be Brave. But wait, brave doesn't come automatically. We think, "wow he/she is so brave!"

Lucky her! Well, I have some news for you, everyone I know that I think is brave and courageous works on it daily. It is practiced and like everything else anyone can possess some!

Stepping into an ice ring when you don't know how to skate and risking falling on your butt in front of your children or date (not saying I've been there lol) takes bravery and courage. But in my opinion, it's so much more fun in the rink of life than watching from the stands. Looking silly or embarrassing ourselves a bit in front of others that are more knowledgeable or trained is kinda good for the ego in my belief. It shakes up our comfort zone and can keep us healthily humble.

So what have you attempted lately that was out of your comfort zone?

What have you encouraged your children to try without correcting them?


R…Risk being inhibited. When we are feeling inhibited we are very self-conscious and can't behave in a natural way. That is the definition for inhibition. Inhibition can be discouraging and can create self-imposed restraints. This is where we need (what I called above) the right dose of ,"I don't care what others think of me" attitude. Let me be clear, I don't propose going out there and not caring about the world and people you love. But the truth is that most people will rain on your dreams, hopes and desires and they don't even mean to do it in a bad way. They actually think they are giving you "practical, sound, loving" advice. Truth is, if I had listened to my parents who often asked, "when are you going to stop this dancing thing" I would have missed out on some of the most incredibly uplifting happy times of my life and a huge part of who I truly am and share today.

So did they mean it in a bad way? Absolutely not!

They are amazing, I love them and they love me to death as all of you love your children.

So listen to advice with respect but then go and do what your heart says is right for you!

Sans approval sometimes ;)


A…Appreciate yourself! Well of course this would be in the mix. To me, it's always part of the foundation of having courage, energy and passion and excitement in our lives. Appreciate who you are today,  your uniqueness. Your snowflake quality!

What you are good at and what you aren't so good at lol. Allow yourself the space to not have all the exact sculpture you are creating of you, rather appreciate your constant evolution and surround yourself with like-minded people. People who encourage your evolution, and you encourage them. Find a ritual in your home, with your family, to encourage and be in this mindset rather than perfect and criticize. Joke about your own imperfections with appreciation instead of beating yourself up and ps: try that attitude with people you love as well...Get it?



C…Congratulate yourself and others when you notice them becoming and reaching for more of who they want to be and what they dare to explore and try. Even when they fail. Congratulate them on trying, daring, risking. Do we actually believe that success or triumph happens on try number 1? Ahhhh noooooo!

In most cases many a failure must pass before success is actually obtained. This is also true when stepping out into becoming all that you want to be.

So next time your child, friend, colleague, or mate doesn't do something perfectly try saying, "wow I'm so impressed that you tried" and that's it. Don't give advice nor correct unless they really are asking and even if they do, always start with that same sentence. Notice how much more they will continue to try and share with you!


E… Encourage yourself. The reality is there may be many times where there will be no one there to say, "go team go". This can be during your time alone, or with your Creator, Source, Universe (whatever you believe). Find inspiring short mantras to use daily, enjoy some quiet meditation or prayer. Take a few minutes daily to breath and remind yourself of your uniqueness. Remember your journey is as unique as you are….


You were born with potential.

You were born with uniqueness.

You were born from goodness and infinite love.

You were born with hopes and dreams.

You were born with everything you need, to be who you choose to be, and if you’re not sure…  “Google" it.


I wish you a beautiful Sunday and I thank you all for allowing me to explore more of who I am becoming with connecting with all of you!

Much Luv & Hugs,


9 November, 2014, 5 Tips to Beat the "Winter Blues"…with Vered

Happy Sunday Beauties!


Today I will try to answer the question that I received over and over again this week, and I know

will be receiving for the next few months as it gets colder and darker.

Tis the season fa la la la la la la blaaaaaaah :(


So this is how this change of season "energy cycle" seems to go.

Let me know if you agree and can relate.

You wake up feeling less than enthusiastic.

Actually, you feel tired, unmotivated and just plain blah. You want to stay in bed, “just one more hour!"

This leads to you doing less…

Doing less then stresses you more…

You begin to feel generally overwhelmed…

Thinking thoughts like, "Wow, why can't I just get going? Why can't I just get it together? I'm so friggin lazy! Ughhh" "I should be working on that project, doing this, finishing that. What the hecccck is wrong with me??"

Then the last thought and feeling is, "this is soooo frustrating!!"

Annnnd we begin that cycle all over again (move to the top of the paragraph)

You wake up….

Does this cycle sound familiar at all?

Let me tell you that you are NOT alone!


Every year as we cycle into this darker colder season, these emotions and frustrations arise for most of us at some point in time. For some of us its sooner in the season and others later in the winter months. I would love to share a few of my thoughts on this and offer you some hopefully helpful solutions you and your family can use.


The most important thing I think I can say is:

Be Gentle.

Fact is, beating ourselves up when we are tired and exhausted just drags us down even more, right?

We end up feeling defeated, and then we sulk in our own misery, only to feel bad about that, then we eat ice-cream and chocolate and feel bad about that, and on and on and on we go…


It's so interesting because as a Posture Alignment Therapist I even notice the “winter postures” everywhere. Heads down, shoulders slumped forward, pelvis tucked under, feet often close together, thighs and butt contracting, and hands in pockets or crossed tightly around the chest, attempting to stay warm and go "inward".


So before I offer any tips, I think we first need to understand this season and be on the same page about it all.

Here's the big news flash…

This is the inward season. What does that mean?

It means that there is nothing wrong with your body or you!

Actually, you and it, are trying to tell you, what you really need.

But the "you" in all of this doesn't want to listen. LOL Still with me?

“You’ thinks you know better, right? “You” thinks there is no slow down in our cycle of seasons so you must continue pushing till exhaustion.

I'm here to tell you my beautiful friend there is an easier way, and the only reason why it feels like a battle is because we battle.

How about if we understood, as all of nature and animals do, that at this time of year it is an inward slower season? How about if we knew that it IS a time truly for hibernation, rest, restoration, creative thinking, heart matters, inward growth and lots and lots of rest and relaxation.

Imagine how much frustration and depression we would prevent?

Imagine if we actually listened to our bodies natural rhythms once again?

Hmmm you all may be thinking, "but Vered, how about the house, the work, the children, the job and career?? Sh*&#t needs to get done!" I know, I know it does and I'm right there with you.

All I'm saying is we need to take into huge consideration the gravitational inward pull of this season. It's so much larger than us, so lets become aware, let's move with it rather than against it, and attempt being gentler and easier on ourselves, and perhaps go at things at a calmer slower pace when possible.


So now that we are more on the same page, here are a few practical tips to help:


1. Stay Hydrated

As it gets colder we unintentionally allow the water to decrease and the coffee to increase.

Nothing wrong with enjoying your java but stick to your minimum water intake as well.

Approximately a litre per every 50 pounds you weigh and if you work out for an hour of sweating, get in a litre within that hour.

Remember, we turn on the heat, it gets drier at home and we begin to suffer from headaches and migraines all which can be helped with the right amount of H2O.


2. Get a Little Help From Your Friends or Hire a Coach

Ok this one may sound funny, but at this time we tend to need a little extra help and support in maintaining our workout regimes, right? So the easiest thing to do is make a pact with a friend or two to give each other those loving, "come along with me" we all need at this time of year when we don't feeling like going to get our sweat on.

If you are not that "call a friend person" another option is to hire a coach that can help you stay on track during this more challenging time.

Your workouts don't have to be daily and if you are feeling exhausted don't push too hard. Try adding more slow calming breathing and stretching to your weekly routine as well.

Remember though, the truth is, the more you move your body the more your brain will release all those feel good chemicals which are sooooo needed at this time of year and moving into winter months.


3. Take up a New Indoor Hobby or Interest

Why new hobby you ask?

Well we aren't out walking or playing in the park because at 5pm its already dark, right?

So what are we doing? I'm glad you asked ;)

We are watching the tube. This is also the highest TV watching season and we all know what pairs up so well with TV… you guessed it, snacking!

It's crazy, but 4-6 hours of TV watching on the weekend can easily pack on 5 extra pounds!

Most of us don't cut up veggies and dip into a homemade healthy dressing while watching our Netflix series, right?

So instead of just TV, perhaps we can learn about something new? Explore a new hobby?

Maybe something creative like drawing? For those of you who don't know (because you don't have my big brother as a brother lol) is a wonderful place where I spend quite a bit of time learning and exploring. It's great for children and adults alike!

Or finally get into that book series you love. How about your children, what new hobbies can they pick up? Maybe they get together weekly with other children and do something fun and creative over the winter months. Maybe build something together?

I've decided (again lol) to learn how to play guitar and study some science interests of mine over the winter months.

I would love to hear about what you have decided to explore!

Remember this is a for pleasure hobby not a for pressure hobby. If you miss a week no biggy!


4. Sleep More and Nurture Your Body

This one always gets people’s feathers ruffled. "How much sleep do I need Vered?"

Well, if you are tired you may need a bit more ;)

Take naps, take baths, sleep more, dream more, and allow your body to rest, recover and restore in preparation for the next season which requires all that energy you will have stored up.

Try small naps if you can. Even if you never fall asleep, lay down for 15-20 mins and just breath deep belly expanding breaths.

You can even try it with your children and notice how their behaviour and moods may change.

Yours will for sure :))


5.  Buy snowshoes (or any other winter sport equipment you have interest in)

Ok this is totally a personal one. One of the best things I did a couple of years ago was buy myself snow shoes.

It allowed me to still get into nature and enjoy gorgeous fallen snow.

It is the cheapest sport because you can do it anywhere there are trails and if you live in Montreal Mt Royal is awesome!

Walking in quiet trails while the sun is beaming down reflecting into the snow is so incredibly exhilarating to me.

No lifts, no waits in line ups, no freezing wind in the face (can you tell I'm not a skier)

Anyway, I say this with the utmost humbleness because I have never participated in winter sports (my dance teacher scared the heck out of me and I listened lol).

Either way, its never too late to try! If you don't want to invest right away in your own, rent a few times and see if you feel the luv too and then decide.


I will leave you with this beautiful poem I found about winter.

May we all see and feel our heart energy in these winter months as we grow fairer and stronger…


Nature looks dead in winter because her life is gathered into her heart. She withers the plant down to the root that she may grow it up again fairer and stronger. She calls her family together within her inmost home to prepare them for being scattered abroad upon the face of the earth. ~Hugh Macmillan, "Rejuvenescence," The Ministry of Nature, 1871


I wish you an amazing week ahead Beauties!

Rest, recovery, luv and happiness,


2, November 2014 - Body Image Tip #3

Today we continue the conversation on "body image".

We don't have to look very far in order to understand some of the reasons why we have developed such poor body images.

Victoria Secret's latest ad on the "perfect body" says it all!

Don't get me wrong, I love sexy women and sexy lingerie, but using the words “ the perfect body “ while displaying the image below, (or any image for that matter) is just driving a wrooooong message home!



So how many of you feel like you have to look like THAT model to be good enough?

Truth is, everyone has been influenced by images no matter how much we try to avoid

them. Hollywood exists and so does advertising everywhere we look.

It is up to us to understand the difference between what is really going on in these images and reality.

It is our responsibility to install a positive body image in ourselves and our children, but how?


I have been talking about a few different things in the past couple of tips and today I want to talk about exercise, movement and how it all plays such a huge part in having a healthy body image.


I look forward to hearing your feedback, input, comments and questions.


Have a fantastic week ahead Beauties!


Body Luv, health and happiness,


26 October, 2014 - Body Image Tip #2

The idea or concept of perfection or being perfect is another thing that I believe contributes to our collective poor body image.

Our need to correct one another or our children when they are at fault can often result in a misinterpreted message, one that implies "we need to always be perfect".

It's funny because when I looked up the definition of perfect this is what came up:

"having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be" or the verb:

"make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible"

So even in the definition of “perfect” there is actual room for error, right?

That may just be my interpretation but I'm going with it! :)

12 October, 2014 - Body Image Tip #1

"Body Image refers to a person's feelings of the aesthetics and sexual attractiveness of their own body that may be forced by others or social media."

My next series of tips will be taking a look at "body image" …

Most of us walk around hating mirrors and grabbing at parts of our bodies we dislike rather than loving, noticing, and appreciating everything it does for us and can potentially do. I look forward to opening up this discussion... bringing some of my thoughts forward and hearing yours.

I believe its time to love our bodies!

05 October, 2014

Happy Sunday Beauties!


Yesterday while reading, I came across a very good line that I would like to share in today's tip.

"In truth there are only two human tendencies. The desire to grow and to soar spiritually and the urge to take a long nap." (Shimon Apisdorf)

When I read that I burst out laughing!

Isn't that line so true in everything we do? I think we can all relate.

Whether our desire is to grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, creatively, socially etc..

There are days when we have huge desire to work hard, grow, learn, expand, listen, create and share, and then there are days where we just want to crawl under the covers and take that long nap, right?

How do we swing from one side of the pendulum to the other?

I chalk it up partially to our human condition, "Being human" in other words.

We have the intrinsic need to live out our dreams, yet the reality is, we live

within an environment with many distractions and responsibilities.

The self actualizing path is rarely perfectly paved and some days the energy level within our human body is just tapped.

We all live within this push and pull of gravity.


So, how do we keep our dreams alive?

And, how do we encourage the next generation to do the same?

In a world that is so practical, so in your face, and so all or nothing, is there space for dreaming?

I believe there is! I implore you to ask your children about theirs and dream along with them!

Who knows, they could be the creator of the next….

After all, where would we be without the dreamers and the doers?

Well, I won't go into listing it all out but for one, if it wasn't for the invention of the Internet, this tip would take WAY longer to get to you. :)


So how do we do it? How do we keep our dreams alive?

I though we could take a new look at DREAM….


D= Dare

"Dare" to dream!

Allow yourself or your family or friends to express themselves without criticism or judgement.

Even when we are thinking up new ideas we can stop ourselves short before we even begin by being too critical or practical.

Take a walk in the woods. Notice how incredible nature is. Try thinking of the 75 trillion cells in your body, or Google inventions, this will get your mind into a more infinite space and may allow for an ease into dreaming. Or you can try listening to a classical masterpiece or watch a dance routine that seems impossible to most of us. Realize how much "daringness" was required to create that.

Then get at it, write down all ideas that come to you or dictate it into your phone.

Don't judge it, just allow those juices to flow.

Don't expect this to happen so easily. It does require some practice so give it a try, weekly.


R= Responsible

Choosing a time to create and dream is being "Responsible" for our dream-making whether it's a family activity or our own personal dream.

Put it in your calendar like you would any appointment.

Dreaming and creating is just as important as your childrens' dentist appointment and so much more fun!

Your dream or creation appointment now becomes a ritual, a habit, whether it's weekly or monthly.

You choose what fits in best into your schedule and stick to it.

The world needs your dreams! Be responsible for them :)))


E= Enthusiastic

Be "Enthusiastic" and get excited! Watch Peter Pan again if you have to.

Get yourself into a state that elevates your spirit…Listen to your favourite song.

Watch that scene in your favourite movie that uplifts you.

Read how that woman on welfare wrote all those famous books lol.

When you are creating, dreaming or encouraging family members or friends to do so, being in a peak mood or state will obviously set the stage for what you are creating.

Being "Enthusiastic" about new possibilities will naturally make you want to share these ideas and sharing your enthusiasm and dreams is your dream in motion, believe it or not!


A= Action

Take "Action". Every dream session should follow up with a small action put forward.

It can be a phone call, a bit of research or study of what you are dreaming to create or pursue.

By taking action on a regular basis, even if it is in the smallest of ways, you will notice things unfold and come into fruition slowly but surely. There is no rush in dreams but neither should we procrastinate thinking that we have all the time in the world, because we don't!

The effort, no matter how small or great, is what will give us so much satisfaction and a true feeling of happiness and joy!


M= Movement

One of my biggest joys in life is "Movement".

It's one of our bodies' and life's basic fundamentals.

Nothing is ever static, everything changes and so will your dreams and the directions of them.

Allow for that movement, expect it to change and take different form.

The more space you give your ideas to breath and stretch and grow, the more creativity you will allow.

Also, you won't be stuck or feel like you have failed if one direction or idea didn't work out while working on your dreams.

This is where I like to ask for people's opinions and contribution with regards to my ideas.

Of course I don't just ask anyone randomly.

I share my dreams with people who know me, know my vision and respect what I am trying to achieve.

The challenging part about asking is really receiving openly.

Try to step away and really listen to what valuable people in your life may be able to contribute.

Remember we can only think as we think.

It's lovely and refreshing to hear how someone can add another step to your masterful choreography even if she has never danced before!


So there you have it, a new way we can all look at our DREAMS…


Have a beautiful week ahead!

I would love to hear your dreams if you would like to share.


Health, Happiness & Infinite Dreaming,


28 September, 2014

Happy Sunday Beauties!


What amazing weather we are having! Have you been out there?

Today I am off into the trails to hike and see the stunning colours nature

so generously shares with us!


So how did everyone's "One Thing" go last week?

Did you manage to attempt one new thing during the week?

Did you go for a 15 minute daily walk? Or did you increase your water intake?

I would love to hear some feedback.

A few people mentioned that they added more vegetables to their meals and I think

that is fantastic!

One man mentioned that he just added one more rep to everything he usually does at the gym!

How cool is that?

No matter what you attempted, I hope you continue on that journey with me!

Our potential is never defined by who we were yesterday, instead, it is unlimited in who we

choose to be today.

We always get another chance, a new day to make things better and right!


Here is our last part of our Free 4 Week Exercise Ti[p Series.

You can put all four weeks together for a full body work-out  or use

them each individually. Remember, the key is to do something daily.

Something is always better than nothing, right?





















I wish you all a fantastic week ahead & I look forward to hearing

any questions you may have or about any success you would like to share with me.


Much Luv,


21 September, 2014

The question of the week seemed to be,

"Vered, help meeeee! How do I get started when I just don't feel motivated?”.

I had 6 conversations I can remember this week starting just like that.

Haven't we all felt this way?

We know what to do yet we just can't seem to get going, right?

We feel our health diminishing as each day goes by.

We feel more aches and pains in the body.

Our body is screaming out for attention, nurturing and ultimately better health and we knooooow it but we don't budge.

So what is it?

Why do we get here? How do we get here?

Why do we mostly take notice of our precious health when it seems to be fleeting?

I don't claim to know all the answers, but one thing I do know from my own experience, all the people

I have trained, coached, taught and helped transform their health and bodies, is that we all go

through this.

We have all felt like, "I will never get there! I'm too far gone :("


Here is a list of the why’s we don't get going, I'm sure you can all relate...

My children.

My husband/wife.




Not enough time.

My job.

My house.

My cooking.


My relationship(s).

My aches and pains.


These are all valid reasons why we get off track in taking care of ourselves.

Our lives are so busy these days that some moms hide in bathrooms for quiet time :))

I get it and I feel for all of you, really!

But, I want to share with you the response I had to each person that I spoke to with

that question and plea for help.

I figured I would film it since I woke up with good hair ;)

Here is your 3rd Exercise Video of our Four Part Free Series.






Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead!


To all my Beauties celebrating the New Year, may this year be filled with optimal renewed health, laughing moments of happiness, abundant wealth, heart filled memorable moments that feel miraculous,

and may we continue to enjoy our beautiful time together, shaking, shimmying, dancing, laughing, challenging & learning about how miraculous our bodies are, all year round!!!

Shana Tova & Thank you for being in my blessed life!!


Much Luv,


14 September, 2014

Happy Sunday everyone!

How was your back-to-action week?

I have to send a huge shout-out to everyone who came back to training, classes and began my "30 Day Beautiful Body Program" this week.

Congrats on moving into the next stage after the summer sangria-mode. Can I get a wooohooo?


I'm always amazed how quickly a body can respond, transform, and begin to renew itself for the better with the proper guided actions.

I want to share a couple of fantastic successes a few of my clients achieved this week.

Perhaps they will inspire you to take acton this coming week as well!


One of my clients who has an 8 month old baby and is still breast feeding, was concerned with her baby's dry skin and eczema.

Her doctor recommended cortisone creams. I always say before going that route ask yourself "what is happening inside?"

What could possibly be connected to this baby's skin reaction?

Sometimes inside out works and sometimes outside in works.

I explained to her that the better she takes care of herself through food, exercise, hydration, rest and some self nurturing,

the quicker her baby's skin will clear up since she is a pipeline to her babies nutrition.

After only ONE WEEK of being on my "30 Day Beautiful Body Program" her baby's skin is clear.

Look at how amazing our bodies are! I know I sound like one of those get rich quick commercials

but truly, the body is an incredible machine and since she was already in good health, it didn't take much to make a dramatic shift and see results.


No cortisone, instead guided support, education and taking action on things that undoubtably take effort and time, but obviously are soooo worth it.

When I asked her if I could share her experience in my tip she said, "Of course!! Every mother should know!"

I have to agree with her :)


Another share from one of my clients.

She has been suffering with extreme pain in her arm and wrist and since she is someone who works with her hands,

this was beginning to upset and worry her :(

Even her 14 year old daughter had noticed her mood changes and asked her if she was sad about something.

She replied yes and explained that she was in a lot of pain.

One day this week she remembered my Posture & Pain tips that I shared a few weeks ago.

She tried a couple of exercise (E-cises) and couldn't believe the relief she felt.

She laughed explaining to me that she was wondering if it was all in her head.

How could the pain be relieved so quickly after so much suffering??

I laughed with her because that is the beauty of Posture Alignment Therapy.

You can feel instant relief which immediately gives you hope, a feeling of, "ok I'm not broken".

Obviously, doing two exercises won't be the cure to all of her pain but the knowledge that, "its always Position and not Condition" is a very empowering one!


Remember Pain is your body talking to you, telling you," something is wrong here helllooo help me!!"

Our responsibility is to then listen :))


Here is your second exercise of the week. You can do it right after you do my first week's exercise tip

or use it on it's own. You can do this exercise 10-20 times depending on your fitness level, then take a beak and repeat the set 3 times.

Whatever you do, just do something.

Remember, something is alwaaaaays better than nothing.


Have a great week ahead & please send in any stories you would like me to share. You never know

who you will inspire out there!

7 September, 2014

After training 5 people since 7:30 this morning, I can tell you that I am more than inspired by my clients actions and “go for it” attitude! So, you may feel that excitement and urgency in my voice today, telling you it's time to make the changes you are desiring!


Last week, I shared with all of you just how inspired and appreciative I was for the year passed.

If you missed it, it was just before my birthday and I enjoy doing a recount every year at this time, looking back on how much has really changed and happened and appreciate all the lessons, successes, ups and downs.


I asked you to do the same thing and some of you even shared the things you felt grateful for.

Thank you so much. Some of your messages really brought tears of joy!

It was so lovely to hear about how much this year has meant to you too, and thank you for the generous feedback about my weekly health tips.

It topped my Birthday off with so much love, happiness and appreciation! Thank you!


So now we are getting down to business, Beauties ;) It's time!

September is here and it’s time to take ACTION with our fitness & health plans.

I know you have been thinking about it, right?

So now it's time to put those thoughts into “DO” mode. Who's in?

I will supply the “HOW” ;)


My "30 Day Beautiful Body Program” group is beginning September 15, 2014.

If you are fed up of all the confusion about nutrition (ie. what to/not to eat) and are looking to get off of your "summer sugar" rituals that you may have adopted and are ready for better health, this program is for you!

If you are sick of feeling bloated, and your skirts/pants seem to be fitting a bit tighter than before summer, this is for you!

If you are done with dieting and want to rediscover how great you can feel in your body, this is for you!

This is not a "get skinny in 30 days program" rather "refocus, rediscover, and recommit to taking daily action towards your health program".

There are only 10 spots available at this time as I have already reserved spots in response to my email sent out a few weeks ago.

If this program is for you, please send me an email here and I will reserve your spot as well.


So, today I am sharing with you a FREE, 4 Part exercise series.

I will give you one exercise a week for the next 4 weeks to do as we get into action mode.

Every week you can add on the newest exercise to create a mini home workout for you.

What do you think?

No equipment needed this week except for a chair!

Click this link below to try our exercise of the week.



This week is GUEST WEEK.

I'm so excited to meet your friends and family :))

If you have friends or family that have never come to our class, please bring them to a 5$ trial class(day or night)!



New Zumba class additions:

Monday 8:15pm

Wednesday 8:15pm


Health & Happiness,


31 August, 2014

Happy Sunday Beauties.

This is such a special time of year, and not just because my birthday is rolling around ;)

but because I always feel an extra "something" in September.

Perhaps, it's the ingrained cycle of back-to-school in my head, even though it's been years since I

shopped for a new pencil case and school bag.

You know the feeling that everything is all shiny and new?

Starting fresh? A new slate?

A new school year, new adventures, new interests to pursue and the reflection of the year passed and the year ahead are all swirling together in my head right now.

Families are sending their children off onto their new adventures and along with the opportunities and excitement, tears are being shed.

Loving hearts are embracing all the memories of years gone by too quickly, and confidence and courage is being summoned to surface.

I’m all choked up just writing this!

My nephews are also embarking on new adventures, and while I know they will be more than successful, I can't help but choke up every time I think of my sister and all you moms and dads who send your children out into the world praying that the world will be good and kind to them.


Please take some time tonight to pat yourselves on the back and know that you have done a great job rearing your babies!

Your children are out there starting the next grade, new school, or maybe even moving to a new country.

They are able to handle it all thanks to your guidance, love and support.

You are all my heroes!


Now it's September tomorrow (yes we have class btw 9:30am) and it's back to YOU time, right?

It's time to look ahead to a new season in your health now that the children are off to school.

It's YOU time!

Time to pull out those runners and calendars and set up planning meals again, yes?

Fall will be here soon enough, and then winter will settle in too, and if you are in the swing

of your fitness and health routines through it all, it will be sooooo much easier to remain happy

and healthy.


I'm pretty fortunate that my birthday is at this time of year.

I get to reflect back, review my year and then look ahead using this natural momentum that I feel.

I thought I would share a little bit about my past year…

Never before have I felt so clear that I am in the exact place I need to be.

Don't get me wrong, there were moments where I threw my hands up in the air asking whyyyyyy????

We all have crossroads and things we need to learn in our lifetime and thankfully my challenges were always followed by beautiful lessons, growth and expansion.


Here's a little top 5 "What I am grateful for this past year" list and I encourage you to write one too :))


1- Opening my Posture Alignment Clinic.

Having the ability to guide people out of pain without medication is a dream come true for me!


2- Meeting incredible people. I have been blessed with a few incredible women in my life this

year, who taught me so much, trusted me, and showed me so much love.

I hope you know who you are!


3- My deepening relationships with my family and closest friends.

I am surrounded by outstanding people in my life.

We jump hurdles in hard times together and celebrate successes!

These people are my support, my foundation, and I know that I’m blessed to have them every day in my life.

I love you all soooo much. Thank you!


4- My career, The ability to wake up every morning and looooove what I do!

Yes, I am soooo grateful for this ever expanding career.

My love of dance, fitness, health and sharing it with the loveliest ladies in Montreal!!!

I am soooo grateful for all of you Beauties!


5- My faith, like I mentioned earlier, I have never been so sure as I am today that everything that has been put in my path is exactly how I needed it to be. Some lessons I have learned quickly and lets just say, echemmm, some not so quickly… let's just say topped with all of this wonderful faith is a great sense of humour!!


I invite you all to reflect back on your year and what you feel grateful for and share with me if you like!

Next week we will move forward with how we can make changes in the upcoming year so that we can continue to add to our long appreciation lists!


I wish you all a beautiful week ahead.

Hope to see you all in class tomorrow. Come and celebrate with me!

It's time to boooogeeee again!

Much Luv, Health & Happiness,


24 August, 2014

Happy gorgeous Sunday!

As I sip on my morning coffee, I'm thinking of my friends and family, I'm reminded of how important a good support system is (and how lucky I am to have one), both mentally and physically.

This sooooo reminds me of why I love being a Posture Alignment Therapist.

When the body is straight and joints are "loaded" properly and, your bodies' muscles, bones, nerves and facia etc. are all connecting, this results in an Aligned Posture and the possibilities for your body and health are endless!

Yes, Posture is often on my mind :))


Last week 3 of my clients thanked me so generously, and expressed to me how happy they were since they started doing their Posture Alignment Therapy. How their lives had changed.

I'm not mentioning this to brag to you, rather to let you know that if you have ever experienced aches and pains in your body, and felt so overwhelmingly frustrated that your life began to shift for the worse, that there are solutions and you don't have to live like that.


Do you struggle from getting a good night's sleep due to Pain?

Were you able to enjoy a family vacation this summer and do everything you wanted to?

Do you ever feel like you are not able to participate in life's fun activities due to Pain?


When we are in pain we are unhappy, frustrated, we gain weight, we lay on the couch, we age, we are easily irritated and all understandably so.

Living in Pain is awful!

We are not meant to live like that, and we know it intuitively, so we try and we try to find solutions and unfortunately very often we are left feeling disappointed with the lack of results.

Then we actually resign to thinking,"this is it. I will have to deal with this forever".


I'm here to tell you, "no, you do not have to accept pain as a way of life."

Posture Alignment Therapy is your solution.


I'm very much a believer in going with the seasons and, as the evenings begin to feel like fall,

it's a natural thing to start thinking about changes for most of us, right?

Last week so many ideas came to me for new programs, I'm thinking about how I want my site to improve,

I'm thinking about what social clubs I need to go to to meet the man of my life lol.

In other words there is this natural upswing to our energy coming and you may have already felt a bit of it.

I know I have been getting drifts of it and I luv it!


So in todays video I will invite you to try a few more postural stretches that can help you create awareness into your body's

"Postural Integrity".

Remember this isn't the total solution.

That requires some one-on-ones with moi :))

This is just a short introduction to what our Ecises look like and for you to gain insight into what you can and can not do right now.

You can ask me the why's if you like.

Click the link below:


Video Tips


Have a beautiful week ahead Beauties!

I look forward to seeing all of you back in classes regularly now that the kiddies are going back to school!!!



Remember the week of September 8 - September 12 you can bring a new friend to try our class for only 5$.

Let's increase our circle of Health and Happiness!



Beginning September 8 we will have two PM classes

Mondays 8:15pm & Wednesdays 8:00pm



Much Luv & Happiness,


17 August, 2014

Hello Beauties!


I hope you are all enjoying this stunning weekend!


I have to say I am loving this amazing weather, I spent quite a bit of time out in the fresh sunny air and it felt soooo good!


Thank you for the feedback from last week's tip & thank you for your interest and questions.


I promise to answer each one weekly, so please keep sending them in :))


I love hearing from you!


Here's this week's answer to Joelle's question:


Video Tips


I wish you all a fantastic week ahead & I look forward to seeing you in class!


For those of you who are away, I challenge you to repeat the challenges you have been doing in class on the beach!!!

Oh and send me pics pleeeeeease!!!


Luv, Health and Happiness Always,





New pm Zumba  Classes!!

Beginning Monday September 8th we will have 2 evening Zumba classes a week!

Monday's at 8:15pm & Wednesdays at 8pm

The first week (Sept 8th & Sept 10th) you can bring a new Zumbette friend for only 5$ to experience the fun!!!